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Top 5 Companies Developing AI Products in Healthcare

AI can provide better outcomes to improve the efficiency of patient care delivery in the healthcare industry. It can help doctors, patients, and technicians in various ways. Here, we’ll discuss the top AI companies developing AI products in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is a hot topic as more companies enter the market to streamline workflow and patient care. From accurate diagnosis to early detection of diseases and remote treatment, AI has a diverse role in the healthcare industry.

Statistics show that globally the use of AI in the healthcare market is anticipated to reach $20.65 billion in 2023 and is expected to touch $187.95 billion by 2030. Another report shows that the global AI in drug discovery and pharma market is estimated to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 45.7% to reach $4 billion by 2027. Similarly, AI in the MRI market is expected to be around $9.8 billion by 2030

AI-driven healthcare products are becoming a norm in today’s world as more hospitals, pharma companies, and healthcare centers are adopting the latest technologies to provide quality treatment and improve the success rate. Let’s find out more about the role of AI products and product development companies in healthcare. 

Role of AI Products in Healthcare

The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare is three-fold. It can improve population health management, streamline operations in hospitals, and strengthen innovation in discovering new drugs and treatment methods. 


AI applications and computer vision technology can help diagnose anomalies and diseases in the early stages. This allows the doctor to treat the condition before it becomes life-threatening. 

Patient Care

Nurses and the hospital staff can provide better care to patients without working extended hours. This is possible by automating operational tasks and saving time to focus on the patients. They can also stay connected with remote patients and send timely alerts for medication, follow-up visits, etc. 

Prevention and Wellness

AI products in healthcare can prevent the risk of diseases from spreading through timely vaccinations, medication, and quarantine. AI apps can interact with patients to help them navigate mental health issues. 

Clinical Decision Support 

AI tools can accelerate decision-making in allocating beds, scheduling doctor visits, discharging patients after treatments, etc. It reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication through automation. 

Top 5 AI Product Development Companies in Healthcare


DataToBiz is among the leading AI product development service providers in the healthcare industry. With years of expertise, the company offers end-to-end AI development, deployment, integration, customization, and maintenance services to hospitals and healthcare centers. It provides comprehensive digital transformation solutions to digitize patient data and make data-driven decisions using real-time visualization reports. From building a data warehouse to customizing analytical dashboards and using computer vision technology for diagnostics, a hospital can revamp all its operations by partnering with the company. 

DataToBiz also offers generative AI services to build and deploy LLMs (large language models) for interactive medical chatbots to communicate with patients. The company has a presence in different continents like Asia, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe. With a project satisfaction rate of over 97%, DataToBiz delivers powerful AI solutions tailored to the client’s specifications. 

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is a service provider in AI product development in the healthcare sector. The company is transforming patient assessment with its innovative handheld device that can be connected to 20+ clinical apps. It can also be integrated with other medical systems to create the documentation for the ultrasound reports. It is connected to cloud systems to streamline billing, patient reports, etc. Over 145,000 customers are already using the device to improve patient assessment and care. 

The Butterfly Network device can be connected to a smartphone with a cable to access the information in real-time. The company helps with various healthcare departments like cardiology, nursing, gynecology, anesthesiology, emergency care, and veterinary care. From storage to analytics, fleet management, credentialing, quality assurance, and even education, the company takes care of it to support hospitals at every step. It has revolutionized medical imaging using advanced artificial intelligence technology. The company also provides long-term maintenance services to its clients. 

Caption Health

Caption Health offers healthcare app development services and provides an AI-based tool for ultrasound diagnosis to detect early signs of diseases with great accuracy. Called Caption Care, the ultrasound device comes with CaptionAI technology to capture medical images in real-time and provide insightful diagnosis. The built-in software will automatically analyze the images to measure the key parameters like heart rate, etc. The company calls it a turnkey end-to-end echo program to offer cost-effective echocardiograms for identifying heart diseases in the initial stages to start treatment early and save more lives. 

Caption Health’s device helps with patient engagement by identifying them based on the echo reports, symptoms, risk factors, etc., to schedule doctor appointments. It can also be used to train healthcare trainees and aids with the management of patient data in a structured format. Moreover, the Caption Care device can be taken to the patient’s location for ultrasound while the doctor can watch the images in real-time from their clinic. The device can be used by patients and hospitals. 


CloudMedX is an AI product development agency that offers computing technologies and predictive analytics to streamline patient data. It aims to convert vast amounts of medical information into critical insights and unlock the full potential of patient data to make effective decisions. The company is a team of data scientists, engineers, innovators, and doctors from different countries who work together to simplify healthcare solutions and improve the quality of patient care.

CloudMedX leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to empower hospitals and patients. It also works with natural language processing and LLMs to provide generative AI solutions to its clients. The company has an automation extraction engine to accelerate the data transformation pipeline. It can be hosted in multiple environments and customized for different healthcare centers. The company provides a range of solutions like Clinical Explorer, Patient Explorer, Chronic Conditions Explorer, Risk Adjustment Analyzer, etc. 


Enlitic offers healthcare AI solutions with the power of deep learning technologies for data management, medical imaging, effective administration, and much more. The company provides frameworks to standardize, integrate, protect, and analyze datasets to derive meaningful insights. It promotes evidence-based decision-making in the healthcare industry by developing tools and solutions that assist doctors and non-medical staff in hospitals. The company minimizes data inconsistencies and the risk of incorrect diagnosis by using AI for medical imaging. 

Enlitic focuses on intelligent medical imaging management to streamline radiology. ENDEX™ increases productivity and accuracy while effectively reducing costs and making it easy to manage patient data at any time. ENCOG™ is another solution by the company to de-identify medical imaging data while retaining clinically important information. It prevents data loss and supports multiple modalities like XR, CT, MR, and US. The platform is versatile and can be used for training algorithms, clinical trials, and teaching medical staff to quickly and accurately diagnose the patient’s condition. The company works with various healthcare centers in the market. 

What are Some Medical Projects Using AI?

Artificial intelligence is reinventing and redesigning the healthcare industry. Hospitals and patients can use different devices and applications for diagnosis, reporting, billing, observation, counseling, remote care, etc. Here are a few projects using AI in healthcare. 

Cognitive Tests and Brain Health

Brain health is vital for everyone. With increasing risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive issues, medical projects using AI are focusing on creating apps for early detection of concerns with cognitive impairments. For example, Linus Health has developed a next-generation digital cognitive assessment platform to effectively detect early signs of issues with brain health and provide a detailed report. 

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is another major disease affecting people from around the world. The US alone has been estimated to see 1,958,310 new cancer cases and 609,820 cancer deaths in 2023. Many companies, like PathAIFreenomeArterys, etc., have developed different AI platforms to make accurate and fast diagnoses of cancerous cells in the human body. They also offer tools to provide individualized treatment to each cancer patient. The companies are collaborating with pharma manufacturers to develop better drugs for cancer treatments.

Chatbot Guidance

Artificial intelligence is also used to build interactive chatbots. While these chatbots can be used in customer service, they can also provide medical help to the person. An example of this is Bouy. Bouy Health is one of the AI Healthcare applications used as a symptom checker. The chatbot takes the patient’s input and guides them toward the correct diagnosis based on the ML algorithm it is trained on. Furthermore, if the patient gives permission, the app will follow up on the diagnosis via text chat. 


Artificial intelligence, data science, automation, natural language processing, robotics, etc., have a potential role in revolutionizing the healthcare industry worldwide. While there are a few challenges to overcome, AI products in healthcare can significantly revolutionize patient care. 

The first step to advancement is to partner with a leading AI company for healthcare product development and digitally transform the internal processes. Build and deploy applications that can accurately provide better diagnosis and enhance the quality of medical care.

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