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7 AI Product Development Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

AI and ML solutions can revamp the manufacturing industry through real-time data analytics, IoT devices, digital twins, smart factories, and much more. Here, we’ll discuss the role of AI and the top AI product development companies in manufacturing.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting the manufacturing industry in many ways. Industry 4.0 promotes the adoption of technology in manufacturing to increase scalability, flexibility, agility, and production performance without spending more resources. 

Many manufacturers from around the globe have been investing in AI in some form or another. From automation to robotics to predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence has a versatile role in the industry. Statistics show that AI can increase productivity by over 40% by 2035. A report by Markets and Markets says the global AI in the manufacturing market will reach $16.3 billion by 2027 at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 47.9%.

Additionally, it is also useful in streamlining product development. Here, the term ‘product’ refers to the products manufactured by the enterprise as well as the software products companies develop to help manufacturers accelerate processes. Both can be achieved by partnering with AI product development companies and working together to gain a competitive edge in the market. 

What is AI Product Development in the Manufacturing Industry?

Artificial intelligence has brought significant changes to product development in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers can be more innovative, creative, and flexible in developing new products. AI also reduces time-to-market and allows enterprises to release products quickly.

From ideation to production to warehousing, distribution, and marketing, every step is supported by artificial intelligence. For example, machine learning in manufacturing can analyze large datasets and provide detailed reports. Manufacturers use these reports and insights to understand customer requirements, market trends, etc., to make data-driven decisions about product development. 

Top AI Product Development Companies in Manufacturing


DataToBiz is one of the leading AI/ML product development companies in manufacturing with vast experience in building, developing, deploying, integrating, and customizing artificial intelligence models for enterprises. The company uses custom machine learning algorithms and advanced AI tools to provide seamless product development and integration services. It helps manufacturers boost efficiency, use data analytical reports for insights, and personalize products based on customer feedback and market trends. 

DataToBiz offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions, starting from ideation to long-term maintenance. The award-winning company takes care of data engineering, AI/ ML development, cloud computing, big data analytics, generative AI, data visualization, and many more. It focuses on helping clients align their business vision and goals with market requirements to gain a competitive edge and steadily increase revenue over the years. DataToBiz has flexible and transparent pricing suitable for MSMEs, emerging enterprises, and large-scale manufacturers from around the globe. 


LeewayHertz is a software development company offering tailor-made digital solutions to global clients. The company has a close-knit team of AI and Web3 developers who create next-gen apps to help businesses overcome challenges and achieve their goals. It works with startups, scale-ups, and enterprises to help them become tech-savvy and take advantage of AI products to boost their business. 

LeewayHertz offers custom manufacturing software product development for automation, production planning, and remote asset management. The company combines technologies like blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) for manufacturers to reduce operational costs without compromising quality. It provides an array of services as required by enterprises. 


Cognizant is a multinational company with over twenty-five years of experience. It is also among the top AI manufacturing development companies that help enterprises transform their business models and reimagine processes using the latest technology. From modernizing legacy systems to converting insights into action, the company provides a plethora of services to businesses. 

Cognizant removes the barriers to innovation by integrating manufacturing processes with AI/ ML technologies. It promotes the use of IoT (Internet of Things) and generative AI for automation, real-time analytics, and more. The company helps enterprises build smart factories to transform traditional manufacturing into agile and future-ready methods. The company also helps clients improve sustainability and gives high importance to green practices. 


Markovate specializes in offering AI and customized digital solutions to help businesses use technology to gain strategic advantage, enhance performance, promote change, and achieve goals. The company works with enterprises from the manufacturing industry to help them embrace world-class digital experiences through cutting-edge technologies. It designs ML frameworks and data analytical tools for scalability, reliability, and optimum performance. 

Markovate uses generative AI, adaptive AI, and other advanced technologies to help manufacturers transform their vision into reality. From boosting productivity to increasing overall quality, the company supports enterprises at every stage and enables seamless adoption of AI and ML applications. It offers web and mobile application development, cloud computing services, and other solutions necessary for manufacturers to digitally transform their processes. 

Builder AI

Builder.AI is an AI product development agency that offers bespoke solutions to clients from different industries. It doesn’t believe in off-the-shelf apps, which may or may not be suitable for a business. The company has built award-winning apps and raised around $450 million to unlock the power of technology and enhance its role in boosting human potential. It has developed diagnostic software for the automotive industry to use real-time analytics for decision-making. 

Builder.AI also builds CRM applications, OMS (order management systems), inventory management software, etc., to streamline various manufacturing processes. It helps automate recurring tasks to save time and resources and reduce operational costs. The company promotes AI product development and app building to offer faster results and greater customization options for enterprises. 


NVIDIA is a popular brand known for manufacturing computer parts like graphic cards. The company is also a pioneer in AI technology adoption and promotion. It uses artificial intelligence and digital twins to transform the manufacturing industry. The company promotes end-to-end digital transformation and helps enterprises set up remote collaborations for designing, rendering, production, visualization, etc. 

NVIDIA provides CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) applications that can speed up simulation by 5x while reducing energy consumption and production costs. The company helps manufacturers build AI-enabled factories for better agility, flexibility, and performance. It also transforms the product development workflows using advanced technology to deliver better results for manufacturers. 


Decades ago, Aveva began as a CADCentre offering CAD (computer-aided design) technologies to promote innovation in the manufacturing industry. Over the years, it became one of the largest industrial software companies with international collaborations and clients. The company specializes in building safer, cleaner, and more sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. It helps manufacturers optimize their processes using artificial intelligence. 

Aveva uses AI technology to empower manufacturers to effectively handle their day-to-day challenges in the factory and use real-time insights to make the right decisions. It helps enterprises consider the changing conditions in the factory and marketplace during product development, production, and distribution. The company integrates AI and ML tools with manufacturing processes to enable constant self-optimization and automation. 

Is AI the Factory of the Future?

The short answer is yes. Artificial intelligence is indeed the factory of the future and can be useful in the following ways. 

The Factory-in-a-Box Systems

This is a concept where the manufacturer can examine a part made today and compare it with a part made the previous day to ensure there is noted improvement based on the feedback collected from sensor data. We are yet to reach this level of automation as humans are still involved in some processes. 

Autonomous AI and ML

AI in manufacturing solutions can work on its own and improve its accuracy by analyzing data in the feedback loop. However, we still use AI and ML models that need human intervention to keep running. One day, the machines will work all by themselves with the bare minimum effort from our side. 

Generative AI Designing

Generative AI and large language models have become popular in recent times with the launch of ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, etc. Generative AI can be used for product design, production planning, warehouse optimization, marketing, and much more. Many manufacturers are already working with AI product development service providers to customize generative AI models for their enterprises. 

Factory Layout Optimization

Artificial intelligence is not limited to manufacturing, supply chain, or transportation. It can help with factory planning and layout to increase overall performance, efficiency, and ROI. AI can optimize the factory layout and equipment arrangement to prevent space conflicts and reduce the risk of accidents. This increases workplace safety and promotes diverse production. 

How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost the Demand for Manufacturing Services?

AI can boost the demand for manufacturing services in different ways.  

  • Supply Chain: Optimizing the supply chain to eliminate unwanted steps and identify suitable vendors. 
  • Transportation: Track shipments in real-time to provide automated updates to end users and avoid expensive routes. 
  • Product Development: Design products based on customer and market analytics, make changes to the designs in real time, and save all versions online. 
  • Energy Management: Consume less energy and become a sustainable/energy-efficient manufacturer without increasing production costs. 
  • Industrial Robotics: Robotics handles repetitive tasks through automation to minimize the risk of error and save time.


Artificial intelligence can increase manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. AI product development accelerates processes and saves costs while enhancing quality and giving a competitive edge to enterprises. Manufacturers should take advantage of AI products in manufacturing solutions by partnering with AI companies to access their technology and resources. Find the best AI product development company to boost your ROI and brand value.

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