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Managed Data Analytics In USA- Top 10 Players In The Game

Managed data analytics involves analyzing large data sets to identify trends and get actionable insights. Finding the right managed data analytics company is a cumbersome process. Here’s help. We have shortlisted the best companies that offer good data analytics managed services to help you with your data processing and analyzing tasks. 

 “Data analytics is the future, and the future is NOW!” Every mouse click, keyboard button press, swipe, or tap is used to shape business decisions. Everything is about data these days. Data is information, and information is power.” ~ Radi, data analyst at CENTOGENE

As this quote aptly demonstrates, data is present everywhere. Organizations that know how to use it are riding the tide. Fortune Business Insights has revealed that the global data analytics managed services market reached a valuation of $51.55 billion in 2022 and will reach $279.31 billion in 2030. 

What is Managed Data Analytics?

Managed analytics includes outsourcing data processing and analyzing tasks to a third-party service provider.  These business analytics companies handle all aspects of data management – integration, automation, warehousing, advanced analytics, and interactive reporting.  Here are a few benefits of managed analytics services: 

  • Streamlines data using ETL to ensure accurate data. 
  • Cuts down expenses involved in hiring managed analytics experts and software subscriptions. 
  • Offers access to experts from business analytics companies with extensive experience in implementation data analytics. 

Now here is a list of the best managed data analytics companies in the USA that can help you with data analytics services: 

10 Top Managed Analytics Companies in The Game


DataToBiz is a leading company that offers reliable data analytics managed services. Partnering with DataToBiz gives you access to analytics experts who analyze your business data and offer insights to make informed decisions. 

The company offers real-time insights through advanced managed data analytics companies or integrates them into your on-premises operational systems. Along with this, you can get to continuous monitoring and quick issue resolution to ensure business continuity.

Average Rating Review: 4.8


Guavus is a managed analytics company that uses AI and machine learning to assist telecommunication businesses in increasing their operating efficiency. It offers an analytics solution named Guavus-IQ that enables telecom operators to identify usage patterns and enhance network operations. 

With more than 15 years in the industry, the company has a team of telecom experts with experience in software engineering and data science. It mainly uses big data to streamline analytics by analyzing large amounts of data, minimizing costs, improving quality and customer experience. 

Average Rating Review: 3.2

Blackburn Labs

Blackburn Labs is a renowned managed data analytics and business intelligence company that helps you convert your raw data into powerful assets. It has a team of managed analytics experts who create ETL processes and custom APIs to ensure smooth data flow.  

They use Supermetrics to connect data from multiple sources, follow HIPPA and GDPR, and implement Homomorphic Encrypted Data to ensure the privacy and security of customer data. Its technology stack includes Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, Tableau, Google Looker Studio, Python, R, AI and ML. 

Average Rating Review: 5.0

Sigma Data Systems

A popular provider of data analytics managed services, Sigma Data Systems offers analytics services for businesses of all sizes. It uses predictive analytics and data visualization to process and analyze raw data to facilitate data-backed insights. Some of the main tools and technologies include: 

  • Hadoop 
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • TensorFlow
  • Kibana
  • Logstash
  • Apache Storm
  • Tableau
  • R programming 
  • Power BI

Average Rating Review: 4.8


Virtusa offers consulting services for analytics related to managed services. It has a team of 100+ Hadoop consultants, data mining and predictive analytics experts. The services include: 

  • Social Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Web Data Analytics
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • End User Application
  • Scenario Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Classification and Anomaly Detection
  • Regression 

The technology stack includes: Apache Hadoop ecosystem, IBM Big Insights, Talend Big Data Platform, Cloudera, Cassandra, NoSQL Platform-Apache HBase, Mongo DB, neo4j, Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, R, Python Splunk, H2O, IBM Watson.

Average Rating Review: 3.7


Affirma is a managed data analytics consultancy that helps businesses with strategic analytics techniques and data visualization. The company offers analytics services to overcome the problems such as data siloes and manual reporting analytics, ensuring data integrity. 

 Affirma’s data engineering team collects and consolidates data from sources such as ERPs and CRMs. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Snowflake are deployed for data warehousing needs.

Average Rating Review: 4.7


Oxagile helps you with all kinds of big data development services to move your data to the cloud and build scalable ETL/ELT data pipelines. The company provides data analysis and visualization services through custom reporting dashboards, advanced ML analytics, BI tools and systems. Oxagile’s team of experts implements different types of data management techniques to retrieve and store data. They implement a set of standards to configure data pipeline monitoring and use data lineage to predict data flow across different systems.

Average Rating Review: 4.4


Addepto uses modern tools and technologies to deliver reliable data analytics managed services. The experts build statistical models with the help of data to validate and quantify specific business problems. Further, they create custom reports to create relevant and useful information.  Here’s an overview of the technology stack: 

TensorFlow: Helps to build and train machine learning models. 

PyTorch: Used to prototype and deploy machine learning models using Python. 

R: Includes data visualization tools to create charts, graphs, and custom reports. 

Average Rating Review: 4.7


Sparkfish is a managed data analytics company that helps you with a consolidated view of your organization’s data from different sources. The experts gather data from disparate sources such as CRMs, ERPs, advertising platforms, third-party sales data, and websites. They use comprehensive data management strategies to ensure accuracy and integrity of data making a single source of truth across the organization.  Some of the top services include breaking down data siloes, accessing and analyzing data in real-time, and reporting.

Average Rating Review: 5.0


Teradata is a managed data analytics company that helps businesses become data-driven. The company has a flagship product ‘Teradata Database’ which is a scalable database to manage in-house data analytics, queries, and analytics workloads. 

Teradata serves customers across different industries including retail, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Its team of trained professionals helps you throughout the data analytics operations with advanced analytics solutions to convert data into meaningful information that can be put to use. 

Average Rating Review: 3.8


Empeek is a healthcare managed data analytics company that helps you leverage the power of analytics to address pain points in the healthcare industry. The company deploys advanced analytics solutions along with modern technology to get meaningful findings and drive a change in healthcare.  The experts integrate different data sources to facilitate the exchange of information across healthcare organizations. 

Empeek’s managed analytics services help you deal with the challenges associated with traditional systems, limited resources, or insufficient storage. Some of the main benefits of managed analytics for healthcare include: 

  • Identifying patients at risk to take early action.
  • Make hospital operations smoother. 
  • Give insights for better diagnoses.

Average Rating Review: 4.9

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a managed data analytics service?

A managed data analytics service offers businesses access to data analytics managed services that help them analyze huge data volumes. It includes benefits such as low costs, quick insights, and informed decision-making. This service is beneficial for businesses who want to analyze their data to find out what worked in the past and predict, and plan for future trends. 

What are the 4 types of analytics?

The main types of data analytics are: 

Predictive data analytics: These analytics help to identify trends, patterns, and correlations. Here’s a data management and analysis example- In a campaign for makeup and beauty products, predictive analytics gives insights into popular makeup products, peak purchase time, and customer behavior.  

Prescriptive data analytics: Uses AI and big data to predict outcomes and take necessary actions. It answers questions such as “What is the right approach”, or “What if we implement this strategy”. Test existing variables and try new ones to achieve better results. 

Diagnostic data analytics: Inspects data to understand the cause of why an event occurred. It includes discovery, alerts, queries, and drill-downs to get to the bottom of details.:

Descriptive data analytics: Analyzes the historical data to understand the trends, patterns, and relationships. For instance, a retail business can use managed analytics to find bestselling products, customer preferences, and buying patterns. 

What is a managed data service?

When a third party manages all data-related processes, it is known as a managed analytics service.  Some of the important data-related functions include storage, processing, analysis, security, and maintenance. 

How is the data managed?

Data analytics managed service providers store, process, analyze, and maintain data. They use a data management strategy to clean data obtained from disparate sources and ensure data availability while preserving its security and integrity.

What is managed data storage?

Managed data storage refers to a service in which data & analytics managed services companies  takes the core responsibility of data management. Some of the common benefits of data management include: 

  • Ensures data protection.
  • Lowers expenses related to data storage and management. 
  • Offers access to reliable data when needed. 

How to choose a managed analytics service provider?

To choose a managed analytics service provider, consider the following parameters: 

  • Look for their experience, expertise, and range of services they offer. 
  • Assess the technology stack they use. 
  • Understand their data management and governance practices. 
  • Check references and testimonials to know about their track record and reliability. 

What are the benefits of managed analytics?

Managed analytics services offer the following benefits: 

  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Access to skilled professionals
  • Robust security techniques and risk management
  • Ongoing support and maintenance 

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