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Business Analytics Consulting- Emerging Startup Companies 2024

Emerging business analytics consulting startups like DataToBiz, Edvantis, Mitrix Technology, and others leverage advanced analytics and AI technologies to drive business growth and efficiency. These firms offer tailored solutions across diverse industries, with a global market forecast to surpass $303.4 billion by 2030. Globally, did you know that approximately 1.145 trillion megabytes of data are created daily? Thankfully, this is starting to happen because new analytics technologies make it possible to tap into virtually unlimited opportunities in these vast data stores. A necessary step to making more informed decisions and reacting to trends is analyzing data from available digital systems. Big data and data science are playing a major role in improving performance and expanding market incorporation, sales, and new processes as well as in solutions development for businesses. Market Research Future forecasts the global analytics market to exceed $303.4 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 27.6%. This has boosted an industry in which business analytics consulting companies have been providing various types of Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and businesses are searching for professionals in the domain. In this blog, we will discuss the top 11 business analytics consulting startups in 2024 that will change the future. Top Business Analytics Consulting Startup Companies to Watch in 2024 Here’s the list of the top 11 business analytics consulting startups to look out for in 2024. DataToBiz DataToBiz, established in 2018, offers a comprehensive suite of services including AI/ML, digital transformation, business intelligence, and business analysis consulting. With a focus on managed analytics services and AI product development, we deliver intelligent solutions that facilitate rapid decision-making and ensure alignment with your unique business goals and product visions. Key Features of DataToBiz: Average Rating: 4.8 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Edvantis Edvantis is a leading business analytics consulting firm, boasting a team of over 400 skilled professionals based in Central & Eastern Europe and the USA. The company has garnered the trust of prominent companies like Indeed, BigCommerce, Kardex Remstar, Unicepta, TrustRadius, Modulsystem, and SAP Labs (a SAP subsidiary), thanks to its reliable service and outstanding product delivery. Key Features of Edvantis: Average Rating: 4.7 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Mitrix Technology Mitrix Technology is an established business analytics firm that has been collaborating with technology leaders for nearly a decade to help them rapidly scale their teams and address complex business challenges through expert consultations and efficient development practices. Key Features of Mitrix Technology: Average Rating: 5.0 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor InData Labs Established in 2014, InData Labs is a notable business analytics consulting company and provider of AI solutions focused on driving business growth through artificial intelligence. The company assists organizations of varying sizes in creating intelligent products, services, and operational workflows. Clients range from emerging startups to established enterprises, and they depend on InData Labs to tackle their intricate data-related issues. Key Features of InData Labs: Average Rating: 4.9 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Cymetrix Software Cymetrix Software is a forward-thinking IT solutions provider established in 2016. Its vision is to streamline business operations through cutting-edge technology. As an accredited Salesforce consulting partner and a prominent business analytics consultant, Cymetrix excels in crafting custom solutions to enhance business efficiency during growth phases. Key Features of Cymetrix Software: Average Rating: 4.9 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor PixelPlex PixelPlex is a reputable technology partner with more than 15 years of experience in custom software development. They are experts in ground-breaking digital solutions and architectures, with a special interest in blockchain technologies and business analytics consulting. With more than 100 professional creative cloud minds, the PixelPlex team can smoothly handle huge projects and bumpy challenges of any sort and size. Key Features of PixelPlex: Average Rating: 4.9 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Kellton Kellton is a global technology company and can provide cutting-edge technology solutions to clients. Kellton specializes in helping businesses achieve their full potential and succeed at any level by leveraging the power of new digital technologies in the face of new technologies.  Key Features of Kellton: Average Rating: 4.7 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Vox Code Founded in 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia, Vox Code is a top IT services provider The firm provides topnotch yet affordable database programming, software development, business analytics consulting and various Salesforce services to clients worldwide. Using tailor-made business analytics software solutions Vox Code has taken business operations both in terms of profitability and efficiency to the next level for various industries and institutions. Key Features of Vox Code: Average Rating: 5.0 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Sedin Technologies Sedin Technologies is an established software development and consulting company delivering services to create custom business solutions of different complexity level for small and medium businesses. Based on a reputation for cutting-edge technologies and practices for Agile development, the company has grown to one of the best technology consulting firms on the globe. Key Features: Average Rating: 4.6 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Denologix Inc. Denologix specializes in Systems Integration and Visualization, offering robust IT Professional Services and Solutions that enable companies to make informed decisions. They assist customers in understanding their market, competitors, risks, operations, and customers through data analytics managed services, data integration, and data quality. Key Features of Denologix Inc.: Average Rating: 4.7 Note: As researched and curated on rating platforms such as Clutch, Glassdoor Sparkfish Sparkfish is a distinguished software development company based in the United States, known for its dedication and skilled team of professionals. Since its inception, DeSparkfish has specialized in crafting exceptional solutions tailored to meet clients’ diverse needs across multiple industries. Key Features of Sparkfish: Average Rating: 5.0 Note: As researched

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7 Analytics as a Service Firms To Watch Out For In 2024

Data and analytics as a service play a vital role in today’s world. Businesses require managed analytics services to achieve their goals efficiently. Here, we will discuss the role of data analytics in a business and the top analytics as a service (AaaS) firms to partner with in 2024. Businesses in today’s world need to utilize their data to derive insights and make efficient decisions. Small, medium, and large businesses from different industries can benefit from investing in managed data analytics. However, not all of them want to build the analytical models from scratch or make major changes to the systems on the premises. Analytics as a Service(AaaS) or managed data analytics is the best solution for such organizations. They can quickly access the analytical tools and reports through cloud platforms and derive real-time insights.  According to Statista, the analytics as a service (AaaS) market is estimated to be $69 billion by 2028. Another report says that the increasing adoption of AaaS solutions will take the market share to $85.1 billion by 2032 and cross $110 billion by 2034. AaaS is a kind of managed analytics service offered by third-party service providers. In this blog, we’ll read more about data analytics as a service and which firms offer these services to businesses from around the globe. What is Analytics as a Service? Analytics as a Service or managed analytics is a cloud solution where third-party providers offer data analytics services through cloud platforms. For example, suppose you want to analyze your business data. In that case, you can partner with an AaaS provider who will take care of the entire process from end to end and share the final reports (data visualizations) with your employees. This is done by personalizing the dashboards and connecting them to cloud analytics tools.  Here, you pay only for the resources you consume for your business. There is no need to make heavy investments to buy the software or develop new processes in your enterprise. Data analytics managed services can be quickly set up by the service providers based on your requirements.  What is Analytics in SaaS? Software as a Service (SaaS) has been helping many business enterprises unlock the full potential of their data to derive meaningful insights. Analytics in SaaS refers to analytics as a service. It includes several processes like data collection, data storage, data cleaning, data analytics, and data visualization. You can track various KPIs like inventory, production, customer behavior, sales, accounts, conversion rate, customer LTV (lifetime value), churn rate, etc. Analytics in SaaS can also be termed managed analytics. Simply put, you rely on a third party to provide the necessary insights and pay accordingly. 7 Top Analytics as a Service Firms To Partner In 2024 1. DataToBiz DataToBiz is an end-to-end digital transformation and AI company offering tailored data & analytics managed services to SMBs, MSMEs, and large enterprises from various industries. The company provides analytics as a service through a tried and tested customer-centric approach. It helps businesses understand the gaps in their processes and find robust methods to strengthen the weak areas.  Businesses could enhance customer satisfaction by 99% and make 3x timely decisions by partnering with DataToBiz to streamline their data and analytical models. The award-winning company offers a range of solutions like big data, data warehousing, data lake, data architecture, data engineering, data governance, AI and ML adoption, cloud computing, and long-term maintenance. The company is a certified partner of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.  2. Infosys  Infosys is a leading consulting company offering analytics managed services to various clients from around the world. It is a digital transformation service provider that helps businesses accelerate growth, build a connected ecosystem, and become efficient.  The company brings flexibility and scalability to the organization by delivering data and insights in real time. It also offers self-servicing solutions and advanced analytics in industries like manufacturing, IT, healthcare, oil & gas, agriculture, retail, travel, and many more. Infosys customizes the solutions to suit the client’s requirements. It is an effective analytics as a service provider for large establishments.  3. Accenture  Accenture is a global consulting company with numerous clients from the Fortune 500 list. It offers customized managed analytics services to help businesses revamp their outdated systems and benefit from data-driven models. The company promotes the adoption of artificial intelligence to give enterprises an edge over competitors. It offers varied data services to enhance speed, scale, and innovation.  Accenture provides 360-degree value to businesses by helping them embrace change to adopt the latest technological solutions. The company’s data analytics services and cloud-based analytics as a service solutions are designed to support enterprises unlock the full data potential and make decisions using real-time insights.  4. Deloitte  Deloitte is a group of firms offering varied services to business organizations from around the globe. It specializes in tax consulting, IT services, and analytical solutions. The company’s strategy and analytics services are aimed at helping businesses leverage proprietary solutions for greater agility. It combines the power of AI and managed analytics to provide automated insights through customized dashboards.  Deloitte also offers DataOps services to facilitate seamless digital transformation. The company works towards making businesses sustainable by creating a long-term strategy and providing continuous support to implement it. The company has many clients from the Fortune 500 list and works with the world’s leading brands from various industries. Its analytics as a service model helps many businesses from different industries to unlock the potential of their data.  5. TCS Tata Consultancy Services is a global business process transformation company offering diverse services to small, medium, and large enterprises. The company boosts business performance with accelerated analytics managed services. It helps clients use analytical insights for product development, enhancing customer satisfaction, and achieving business goals.  TCS follows a four-fold approach for data management, automation, scalability, and cloud management. It creates a robust data ecosystem for businesses to tap into the unexplored potential and gain competitive advantage. The company sets up embedded analytics through analytics

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11 Top Ecommerce Development Companies in India

Indian ecommerce businesses can achieve their goals and expand into newer markets by investing in digital technologies. We’ll discuss the best ecommerce development companies in India and their role in assisting merchants and retailers in adopting the digital-first approach. Ecommerce is a flourishing business industry in today’s world. With the right kind of ecommerce analytics services, you can take your business to new heights by making proactive data-driven decisions.  As per Forbes, the Indian ecommerce market is expected to be INR 4,416.68 billion in 2024 and is estimated to touch INR 7,591.94 by 2029 with an annual growth rate of 11.45%. Moreover, Boomers and Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X are active on the internet, doing their bit to drive the global online shopping rate. While the Millennials are likely to contribute around one-third of the total global social media shopping expenditure by 2025, Gen Z will contribute 29% and Gen Z 28%. The mobile ecommerce rate has also gone up to constitute 60% of the total ecommerce transactions.  Partnering with the best ecommerce development company in India can give the much-needed competitive edge and boost sales for your ecommerce business. Let’s find out more about the leading ecommerce development companies in the country.  What is an Ecommerce Development Company? An ecommerce development company is much more than a website builder. The company offers a diverse range of services, like strategy formation, technology adoption, third-party application development, customization, tracking ecommerce analytics trends, and long-term managed analytics solutions.  So, what is an ecommerce developer? In short, it is an end-to-end ecommerce analytics company that provides your business with the necessary support to effectively navigate the ever-changing digital markets within the country and around the globe. Indian ecommerce sites can streamline their products and services, improve operational efficiency, and amplify revenue(MRR) by hiring an ecommerce development company.  Top 11 Ecommerce Development Companies in India  DataToBiz DataToBiz is one of the top ecommerce development companies in India offering tailor-made and end-to-end managed analytics solutions in the industry. From strategizing to implementation and maintenance, the company provides an array of services based on your business requirements. Data warehousing for ecommerce data integration and management, business intelligence tools and dashboard implementation, real-time report sharing, etc., are some services offered by the company. DataToBiz is a certified partner of Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. It has worked with many businesses in the digital commerce industry and has the expertise to develop data-driven decision-making models for varying specifications. The company specializes in working with diverse technologies to build a powerful and reliable analytics engine for establishments from various industries and sectors.  Mu Sigma  Mu Sigma is a data science and analytics solution provider that offers various business intelligence services. The company provides in-depth commerce sales analytics and builds intelligent customer experiences for retail and online sellers. It helps you with tailored solutions for effectively managing pricing, operations, promotions, order fulfillment, etc. The company’s AI-driven support enables ecommerce businesses to combine technology and traditional knowledge to become successful.  Fractal Analytics  Fractal Analytics is an AI analytical company with a presence in many industries. It is also one of the ecommerce development companies India with adaptive and scalable solutions like customer analytics, merchandise analytics, store operations analytics, supply chain analytics, and many more. The company combines data platforms, data governance, and business intelligence to promote better decision-making based on actionable insights. It has partnered with fifteen leading tech providers, like Microsoft, AWS, SAP, Oracle, etc., to provide comprehensive services to various clients.  Quantiphi Quantiphi is an award-winning AI analytics and digital engineering company that specializes in solving complex business problems through cloud and data engineering services. The company offers e-commerce analytics to help revolutionize the retail experience for businesses and customers. It helps completely re-design and transform the ecommerce business to unlock the power of data and analytics in growing your business. Customer behavior, omnichannel marketing, operational insights, churn prediction, etc., are some solutions provided by the company. It also emphasizes modernizing security and surveillance by building reliable AI and ML models for data engineering and governance.  Genpact Genpact is an ecommerce development company in India that offers innovative solutions for businesses to achieve their goals by adopting advanced technologies. The company uses generative AI and analytics to help retailers and online stores enhance customer experience, increase sales, and streamline the supply chain. It helps ecommerce businesses provide personalized experiences to the customers at every touchpoint and use data to understand their behavior, preferences, etc. The company works with small and medium ecommerce establishments and provides services for financial crime risk management, automation, etc.  Happiest Minds Technologies Happiest Minds Technologies is an IT company offering digital transformation services to clients from several industries. It helps retailers implement e-commerce category analytics, sales analytics, etc., to reduce operational costs, increase the conversion rate, and reduce cart abandonment to boost sales. From setting dynamic pricing to gain a competitive edge to personalizing user experience for customers, the company offers customized services to all businesses from the ecommerce industry. It also provides services like big data analytics, DevOps, omnichannel transformation, etc.  LatentView LatentView is a digital analytics and AI company offering end-to-end analytical services to help businesses gather meaningful insights from data and make more effective decisions in real time. It is an ecommerce development company India focusing on faster innovation, improving operations, and increasing business revenue. From forecasting sales demand to predicting customer needs, optimizing prices, and identifying seasonal trends for promotions, the company offers assistance to ecommerce businesses in many ways. It has developed a solution, AccuPromo to optimize retail promotions, inventory, and demand at any time.  Course5 Intelligence  Course5 is a transformative intelligence company offering pure-play data analytics to help businesses with digital transformation and AI adoption. The company’s services are designed to solve complex business problems by leveraging the latest technologies available in the market. It helps many ecommerce sites India to implement cloud, data engineering, and business intelligence technologies to overcome various challenges. The company builds reusable frameworks to provide long-term value to ecommerce and other businesses. Course5 Discovery is an augmented AI solution for ecommerce businesses to derive actionable insights about products, customers, market trends, etc.   Nihilent Analytics  Nihilent is a global data analytics consulting company with a presence in industries, such as retail, manufacturing, banking, etc. It is one of the ecommerce development companies helping traditional businesses transform their processes and take advantage of digital commerce to boost their revenue. The company

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Ecommerce Analytics in India – An Overview

Ecommerce is an active and budding industry in the Indian market. Thousands of Indians buy and sell products online every day. Here, we’ll discuss what ecommerce analytics is and how it can promote better results for online store owners in the country.  The ecommerce industry in India has been growing exponentially for the last few years. Many Indians prefer online shopping and home deliveries, be it groceries, electronics, furniture, or high-end items.  According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian ecommerce market is expected to reach 350 billion USD by 2030. We currently have 125 million online shoppers and another 80 million are estimated to add to the count by 2025. The Digital India program has nudged many businesses to expand their stores to electronic marketplaces.  With such growth in the ecommerce industry, it’s no surprise that business owners are investing in online analytical tools to derive useful insights from data and make better decisions to boost sales. SMBs and large online retailers are partnering with ecommerce analytics service providers to digitally transform their businesses and increase ROI.  In this blog, we’ll read more about e-commerce analytics and its role in the Indian markets.  What is Ecommerce Analytics? Ecommerce analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from online marketplaces, digital stores, electronic transactions, etc., to make data-driven decisions. The data is collected from various internal and external sources like website traffic, social media reactions, ad clicks, online sales, product/ brand searches, and much more.  There are many tools for Ecommerce analytics providing in-depth insights and graphical reports for retailers and store owners to easily understand customer behavior and market trends. From creating a robust marketing strategy to forecasting market demand, analytical insights can help an ecommerce business in many ways. While tools like Google Analytics are helpful, an ecommerce business needs tailor-made solutions to derive actionable insights in real-time. Partnering with reputed Ecommerce development companies in India helps business owners streamline their data (and data sources), create seamless workflows, automate recurring tasks, monitor daily activities, and enhance customer experience Types of Data Used in Ecommerce Analytics Data is crucial for analytics. In the ecommerce industry, four types of data are used by businesses to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience, markets, customers, and competitors.  Zero Party Data  Zero-party data refers to the data a business directly collects from the target audience. It could be in the form of surveys, quizzes, feedback, etc. The audience voluntarily shares this data with the business, which is then analyzed using an ecommerce tool.  First Party Data  First-party data belongs to the ecommerce business and is extracted from website traffic, in-store visits, interactions with customers (online and offline), etc. The customers are aware that their data (preferences, behavior patterns, interests, etc.) are collected by the business.  Second Party Data Second-party ecommerce data is collected and owned by other organizations which share the data with the businesses. This includes data from affiliates, business partners, etc., and provides a sneak peek into customer behavior, purchase habits, and market demand for different products.  Third-Party Data  Third-party data is collected by organizations that are not connected or affiliated with the ecommerce business. It includes market research firms, analytical service providers, data brokers, etc., who sell customer data to businesses.  KPIs for Ecommerce Analytics When implementing data analytics in ecommerce and retail, KPIs (key performance indicators) have to be selected carefully. These metrics help store owners know how their business is performing and find ways to improve the results. While an ecommerce business has many KPIs to track, the following is a must.   Discovery Rate The discovery rate is the percentage of users who discover or visit the ecommerce website for the first time. It shows whether the efforts to attract new customers are being successful. It also helps determine which channels are delivering the expected results and where the business can find more opportunities.  Acquisition Rate Acquisition rate is another important KPI for digital commerce analytics. It shows the number of visitors who completed the necessary actions on the website. It is derived by dividing the total number of people who became customers from the total audience. This puts the customers in the sales funnel.  Conversion Rate In some instances, the conversion rate is the same as the acquisition rate. However, conversions are considered subjective, while acquisitions have specific criteria. This changes from one marketing campaign to another and what the business wants.  Customer Retention Rate As the term suggests, the customer retention rate is the percentage of customers who remain with the business and initiate multiple purchases over time. ecommerce analytics helps find ways to improve the retention rate by creating customer loyalty programs, referral schemes, etc. A higher retention rate implies greater success.  Use Cases of Ecommerce Analytics Customer LTV  By using the analytical tools of ecommerce, businesses can process customer data to determine their value over their lifetime (interaction with the store). A high-value customer is someone who generates more sales and repeat purchases and adds value to the business. Retailers can create highly targeted campaigns, deals, and offers for such customers.  Customer Behavior  Customer behavior analytics deals with understanding how a customer interacts with the business – website visits, products they check often, factors that influence their decisions, CTAs (call to action) they respond to, and so on. It helps in product development, better marketing strategies, and showcasing the right product to the right customer.  Customer Segmentation Segmenting customers based on demographics, interests, age, gender, purchasing habits, etc., can be done through ecommerce analytics. It helps in developing personalized marketing campaigns for each segment and reaching out to them through their preferred choice of communication channels.  Sales Performance  By investing in the best sales analytics software, businesses can get comprehensive insights about the sales generated for the given period, estimate sales for the coming times, the difference between targets and achievements, and how to improve sales.  Fraud Detection  ecommerce analytics is also helpful to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions by analyzing customer and sales data. The software will send alerts for potential risks, which help in devising strategies to safeguard the business and the interests of genuine customers.  Revenue Management  ecommerce businesses can rely on the best revenue analytics software to track their earnings and expenses. Store owners can get insights about where most money comes from and where it is being spent, the soft areas for improving MRR,

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13 Top IT Staff Augmentation Service Providers to Consider in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of staff augmentation services is evolving. Businesses tend to outsource IT experts temporarily to fulfill their data engineering needs. This brings us to a list of the top 13 IT staff augmentation service providers, delivering robust talent solutions to elevate your workforce and meet business demands with excellence. An IT staff augmentation service provider is a strategic partner that assists businesses in acquiring skilled IT professionals on a temporary or project-specific basis, enabling companies to rapidly address skill gaps, scale their teams up or down as needed, and ensure the successful execution of IT projects while often offering cost savings compared to traditional hiring methods. In 2024, when considering staff augmentation service providers for your IT needs, it’s crucial to focus on companies that offer a dynamic blend of expertise, scalability, and adaptability. A report by PR Newswire reveals that companies around the world will spend USD 81.87 billion on staff augmentation. Therefore, leading IT staff augmentation service providers should excel in sourcing top-notch talent and demonstrate a deep understanding of emerging technologies. Their ability to align their talent pool with your specific project requirements and organizational goals while staying ahead of evolving industry trends will be paramount. Why Choose IT Staff Augmentation Service Providers? Choosing IT staff augmentation service providers can be a strategic decision for businesses looking to access specialized skills and expand their workforce without the hassle of traditional hiring. These providers offer flexibility, scalability, and a vast pool of skilled professionals to address specific project needs. Top IT Staff Augmentation Service Providers to Consider in 2024 Companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay competitive and agile. Staff augmentation has emerged as a powerful solution to address fluctuating workloads, acquire specialized skills, and maintain flexibility in a dynamic environment. As we approach 2024, the need for reliable staff augmentation services is more critical than ever. To help you navigate this ever-expanding industry, we have compiled a list of the 13 top staff augmentation service providers to consider in 2024. DataToBiz DataToBiz is a technology company focused on leveraging data to drive business insights and transformation. With a commitment to harnessing the power of data, Datatobiz offers a range of data analytics and intelligence services and consultations.  Alongside, DataToBiz is a leading IT staff augmentation service provider specializing in data engineering services. Their core mission is to equip businesses with the precise talent required to thrive in an increasingly data-centric world.  DataToBiz offers a pool of certified Data Analysts, Power BI/Tableau Developers, AI/ML Engineers, Azure experts, GCP experts, and more, to deliver excellence to your IT projects. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing clients with the expertise they need to harness the full potential of their data resources.  Average Rating Review: 4.8(Source- Clutch, Google Business) Toptal Toptal has earned its reputation as one of the premier platforms for connecting businesses with top-tier talent. With a rigorous vetting process, Toptal ensures that clients have access to a curated pool of freelancers and experts in fields such as software development, design, and project management. Their client base spans a variety of industries, from technology to finance, and they operate internationally, serving companies worldwide.  Toptal’s reputation is built on a foundation of trust, quality, and excellence. They continue to serve as a beacon for businesses seeking top-notch talent and expertise, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional results to clients worldwide. Average Rating Review: 4.9(Source- Clutch, Google Business) Turing Turing, with their AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform, specializes in matching companies with the engineering talent required for success. Whether it’s staff augmentation or fully managed services, Turing simplifies the process of transforming businesses.  The company stands out for its innovative approach to staff augmentation and remote staffing, making it easier for businesses to access top-tier software developers and professionals globally. Their algorithm ensures the perfect match for your project.  Average Rating Review: 5.0(Source- Clutch, Google Business) Aimprosoft Since 2005, Aimprosoft has been unlocking its extensive tech talent pool, dedicated to serving enterprises. Their expertise spans platforms like Liferay, Alfresco, and Hybris, alongside web and mobile solutions tailored to meet clients’ requirements.  Aimprosoft’s enterprise partners value their comprehensive offerings, which include software development, customization services, expert consulting, and top-tier quality assurance. The staff augmentation services of the company help global companies realize their technology vision.  Average Rating Review: 4.7(Source- Clutch, Google Business) ELEKS ELEKS, a trusted partner for global enterprises, SMEs, and tech innovators, empowers businesses through tailored software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services. With a team of over 2000 software experts, ELEKS customizes core services to meet precise business needs.  It drives digital transformations, facilitating agility and innovation with technologies like blockchain, Data Science, and Cloud. ELEKS excels in unifying digital ecosystems, and optimizing IT systems, sites, and building remote teams with staff augmentation services for continued growth and future scalability.  Average Rating Review: 4.8(Source- Clutch, Google Business) Intellias Intellias delivers comprehensive digital consulting services designed to address specific business challenges encountered by companies of all sizes and across diverse industries during their digital transformation journey.  Their team of digital consulting experts from various domains equips clients with the necessary tools and a detailed roadmap to transform bold concepts into tangible business outcomes, enhancing profitability, efficiency, and market demand.  Intellias formulates a tailored strategy, ushering clients through solution discovery, technology advisory, quality control, and security assessment, efficiently managing emerging challenges.  Average Rating Review: 4.9(Source- Clutch, Google Business) Intelliswift Intelliswift has evolved from a staffing company into a dynamic organization deeply committed to embracing innovation. Their expertise extends to constructing data-rich modern platforms and sophisticated data management and analytics systems, catering to forward-thinking enterprises.  Guided by a team of passionate and technocentric innovators, Intelliswift is a strong name in the staff augmentation industry. With over 20 years of staffing experience, they source top talents to deliver breakthrough solutions to industries such as Pharma, BFSI, and Retail.  Their customer-centric approach has earned them the trust of over 10 Fortune 100 and 124 Fortune 500

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