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Top 15 Computer Vision Companies to Watch Out for in 2023

The AI revolution has changed the world drastically and its impact is felt in all the industries across the globe. It has changed the way companies operate their traditional business resulting in an immense productivity boost. Most of the organizations some way or the other have already implemented some form of AI or are at least thinking about it. 

Computer vision, like human imagery, works as the perceptive part of the AI ecosystem. It enables the computers to see, observe and make out the meaning of a complex dataset that is fed into it and makes recommendations or acts appropriately based on the insights. Being the backbone of AI, it has the potential to grow exponentially. As per verified market research, in 2020 itself, it has a market share of 7.4 billion USD and has been estimated to be 144.46 billion USD by 2028. ( 45.64% of CAGR) 

Here, we have compiled a list of a few companies that have significant contributions in the field of computer vision. They have established themselves in the Computer Vision domain and have already benefited multiple organizations in distinct ways. 

Few areas we have considered as the measuring parameters: 

  • Rate of technology adoption 
  • Computer Vision Enablement and Implementation
  • Quality of Services and Consultancy
  • Annotation Services  
  • OCR training 
  • Image & Face Recognition 
  • Synchronization with business use cases and strategy

Following are the top 15 computer vision companies to watch out for in 2023:-

1. Intel

For the technology revolution that took place in AI, Intel is undoubtedly the market leader. Intel has a robust portfolio of computer vision products in the categories of general-purpose compute and accelerators. Intel has a product stack ready from the entire journey of prototype to production, from hardware to software.

They are pioneers in open-source vision and AI software. With reference applications and sample code, orchestration, validation from the cloud service provider and an extensive set of tutorials – Intel has the complete toolkit required to accelerate computer vision for organizations. Intel has already leaped PhiSat-1 satellite by powering it through a vision processing unit.

In addition, intel is also associated with Accenture for video analytics, FIFA World Cup Security enhancement, life sciences field, and many more.

2. Appen 

Appen is a known name in the field of data annotation and collection services. It has made its stride by improving the AI ecosystem by enabling its customers with capabilities to swiftly deliver a huge chunk of images of high resolutions and video data about the computer vision program.

Their commendable service in the field of image and video expands in the horizon of video annotation, pre-labeling the models to choose the best one, image transcription for accurate OCR training data, image annotation for different shapes and sizes, semantic segmentation for pixel-level image labeling, multiple types of point cloud annotation such as radar, sensors, LiDAR and many more.

3. DataToBiz

DataToBiz, headquartered in India, has ventured into multiple domains such as Data Engineering & AI Solutions but their core strength lies in Computer Vision. With multiple industry expertise such as Telecom, Medical, Transportation, Retail AnalyticsEducation, HR, Securities and various other industries. 

They have been serving distinct clients across the globe in different industries. A few service submodules are –  

  • Image Recognition being their stronghold, they have built extensive expertise in image classification, tagging, detection of objects, and feature extraction.
  • Facial Recognition is another service pillar of DataToBiz. From face recognition to identification, detection of emotion, spoofing protection to liveness detection, they do take care of it in its entirety. 
  • Data extraction from multiple sources is an integral part of Cognitive OCR services provided by them. They do try to acquire, process, understand and analyse multiple images and video data to extract valuable insights for business. 

4. Clarifai 

Based in the USA, Clarifai has already made its mark in visual recognition. They have garnered expertise in gathering business intelligence from images, text, and multitudes of sources to solve real-life business problems through their end-to-end AI lifecycle platform.

Within a short span, they have made a commendable customer base of OpenTable, Samsung, Google, Deloitte, Red Bull, and many more. Also, they have secured 40 million USD funding for business expansion. 

5. Telus International 

When it comes to Intelligence Collective and having an AI platform powered by human intelligence, Telus International is one of the most preferred names in the industry. With a huge community of 1million plus linguists and annotators, they can provide data at scale in 500+ dialects and languages.

From enhancing search results, expanding speech recognition to improve smart products, their AI solution is capable of harnessing human intelligence on a large scale.

6. Athena

When it comes to securing the world with hidden threat detection with the alert platform, Athena is the name we look for. Elevated temperature detection to hidden gun detection, with extremely high accuracy, can stop miscreants from causing any trouble.

Their clientele includes top names such as Memorial Hermann, Apple, Nodak insurance company, and many more. They have specifically designed the entire AI-based platform suitable for thermal imaging and people counting. A dedicated team of AI specialists has built this platform from scratch with proprietary neural networks backed by computer vision and deep learning.

7. Absolutdata

Absolutdata has made its name in revenue management, AI and Analytics solutions.  By merging the right set of business data, AI and ML models they bring out the right set of intel recommendations for the businesses to increase their revenue significantly.

With 300+ AI industry experts, they have created the NAVIK AI platform to process, analyze, monitor and recommend business-oriented insights to drive their clients’ revenue.  It is regarded as one of the top computer vision consulting firms in the business world with clientele such as Kia Motors, Adidas, Autodesk, and many more. 

8. Fractal Analytics

Recently being recognized as a leader in technology in the Forrester Wave™,  they have made significant contributions in areas like financial analytics, behavioral architecture, text analytics, revenue growth management, and many more. They are known for –

  • They do object identification precisely by analyzing and recognizing objects through images and videos. They have specific use cases in stock management and real-time surveillance. 
  • In depth analysis and segmentation of images are done by them which reveals hidden insights of business value. Few use cases are Deforestation detection, Fire and Smoke detection, Piracy identification.
  • They have done a commendable job in face recognition by training their AI algorithms and enabling real-time data processing.

It is renowned as one of the top computer vision technology companies in the market for customer centricity and forecasting at a large scale for business insights. 

9. LeewayHertz

With 10 plus years of experience and expertise, LeewayHertz is a known name in computer vision consulting firms. Their experienced team creates a video analysis toolkit for computer vision and machine vision systems. Their computer vision software is proficient in performing a huge set of tasks at a go such as real-time gesture recognition, movement analysis, face analysis, classification of images along with machine vision. They boast clientele including Disney, Pepsico, 3M, Siemens, and many more.

10. InData labs

InData has been solving probing business problems and streamlining growth for organizations in multiple domains such as Sports and Fitness, E-commerce, Healthcare, Logistics and marketing, and many more by computer vision technology. Their expertise consists of – Surveillance video systems, access control systems, face recognition and even invoice processing applications, business process automation – they do have a solution for varied business needs and their clientele speaks volumes.

11. Itrex Group

Itrex group is a well-known name in the field of AI and the overall technology consulting domain. Based out of Santa Monica, California, they have been associated with clients across the globe for AI, IoT, Cloud, Data Services, and more.  Image analysis to human activity recognition to harnessing machine learning algorithm capabilities they have been doing a commendable job. They do provide accurate solutions for the recognition and interpretation of visual information from biometric authentication, live video analysis, and CCTV monitoring. From Universal Electronics to Walmart to Warner Bros, these companies do trust Itrex group’s reputation.

12. Softeq 

Serving Computer vision technology for image retrieval and object detection on a silver platter for clients is Softeq’s specialty. They provide computer vision solutions with extensively high performance for 3 fields – Object tracking, Object recognition, and Content Analysis.  Their service expertise comprises –

  • Powerful computer vision systems for specific tasks like localization, segmentation on pixel-level, and image classification.
  • Movement and gesture recognition, Face recognition and analysis through machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision methods
  • Digital filtering, noise suppression, background separation algorithms for a high level of image accuracy 
  • Extensive expertise in pattern matching classifiers and features designing

13. Curemetrix

One of the most famous names when it comes to top computer vision companies in the healthcare field. In the field of disease detection and cancer survival, they have done a phenomenal job in technology advancement. They work dedicatedly with doctors to improve the outcomes in terms of financial and clinical aspects.  

Their proprietary software has improved thousands of lives by increasing early and timely detection of diseases, reducing recall rates, and improving and enhancing clinical efficiency. 

14. AlwaysAI

AlwaysAI aims to ease the process of implementing computer vision in real life with its computer vision development platform. It makes the lives of computer vision and AI developers easy in terms of the creation and deployment of ML applications for edge devices. They have changed the paradigm of computer vision applications. 

15. Viso.AI 

 Viso.AI has made its stride when it comes to having a no-code platform for businesses for creating and deploying real-time computer vision applications. Their platform has the capability of having end-to-end management of computer vision applications and can cater to a wide variety of business needs. Their proprietary Viso suite is a unified platform that aims to democratize AI technology and enable it for all.


Computer vision organizations are going to be the goldmines in the near future. As AI is starting to dominate the market and industries, these companies will grow exponentially and add tremendous value to our lives by making them more effective, productive, and convenient. Each of the companies mentioned above is working day in and day out to enhance human life experience and elevate us to a new level in terms of efficiency. 

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