5 Top Consulting Firms for AI Adoption in the US Tech Startups

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5 Top Consulting Firms for AI Adoption in the US Tech Startups

AI adoption is fast becoming compulsory to survive the changing market conditions. It helps gain a competitive edge and boosts revenue. Here, we’ll discover the top consulting firms for AI adoption in the US that work with tech startups and its role in boosting revenue.

Artificial intelligence adoption has picked up pace in the global market. Generative AI has further boosted the demand for AI tools across various industries. AI is no longer limited to large brands but is just as accessible to startups and small businesses. According to statistics, the world spent $154 billion on AI solutions in 2023. The global AI market was valued at $207.9 billion, a 50% increase from 2022. This amount is expected to touch $1.35 trillion by 2030, with artificial intelligence contributing $15.7 trillion to the global economy. 

The global AI adoption rate was 35% a couple of years ago. This is expected to increase as more businesses invest in new technology. Another report shows that over 25% of the startup funding in the US went to AI startups in 2023. Around 78% of executives say that they believe generative AI offers more benefits than risks. However, to minimize the risk and maximize profits, the startup should have the necessary expertise and guidance to adopt AI successfully. This can be achieved by partnering with consulting firms offering AI solutions for tech startups in the US and around the globe. Let’s look at the top service providers in this blog.

What is an AI Consulting Firm?

One of the main barriers to AI adoption is the lack of expertise. Technical know-how, experience, strategy formation, etc., are some concerns that make businesses wary of investing in something they don’t know. That’s where consulting firms provide support and assistance. An AI consulting firm is a third-party (onshore and offshore) service provider that helps an organization plan, build, deploy, customize, upgrade, and maintain artificial intelligence-based tools to streamline business processes and gain a competitive edge. 

An AI consulting company has a diverse role and offers the following services: 

  • Strategy consultation and planning 
  • Process evaluation 
  • AI-powered product development 
  • Resource optimization and utilization 
  • Automation 
  • Employee training 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Data engineering and management 
  • Data visualization 
  • Customization of apps, tools, and dashboards 
  • Data analytics 
  • Data science 
  • Implementation and maintenance 
  • Data governance and compliance 

However, not all AI consulting firms offer every service listed above. Only some firms, like DataToBiz, provide complete end-to-end solutions for tech startups. Some may offer only strategic consultation, executive consulting, or cloud services. The big four companies, like Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG, cater to established large brands, making them too expensive for startups and SMBs. 

5 Top Consulting Firms for AI Adoption in the US


DataToBiz is among the leading AI product development companies in the USA, with clients from varied industries. It works with startups, SMBs, MSMEs, and large enterprises in America and other countries around the world. The award-winning company offers comprehensive solutions to tech startups and guides them through every stage, from planning to implementation. It is a certified partner of Google, AWS, and Microsoft. The company’s clients prefer long-term partnerships to benefit from the team’s expertise and make the most of its maintenance services. 

DataToBiz builds AI/ ML models and NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning algorithms. It offers vision analytics and develops LLMs (large language models) for startups to establish a robust IT infrastructure from the initial days. The company also takes care of automation and product development. It can create custom apps or personalize existing tools to suit the startup’s requirements. Data harmonization, big data management, installing IoT (Internet of Things) devices, etc., are also a part of the company’s offerings. DataToBiz is a one-stop destination for tech startups to achieve their goals and increase ROI. 


HensonGroup is a US-based global Azure managed service provider. It provides digital transformation services to businesses from industries like manufacturing, retail, education, healthcare, nonprofits, etc. The company specializes in intelligent managed services to offer the best support for businesses to make data-driven decisions. From Microsoft Azure migrations to management, it takes care of everything to increase the cost-efficiency of the business through cloud computing solutions. 

HensonGroup offers a range of services, though predominantly focused on Azure cloud computing and Microsoft solutions. It also has OpenAI expertise and helps businesses choose the best cutting-edge technologies to revamp their business. The company has an OpenAI Accelerator Program for startups and established businesses to effectively adopt generative AI and integrate it seamlessly with their existing processes. It also has ISO certifications – 27001:2013, 9001:2015, and 20000-1:2018. 

Juniper Networks 

Juniper Networks is an AI service provider offering a plethora of solutions to manage the IT infrastructure, networks, and other technologies in the business. It offers startup AI strategy and consulting services through innovation, automation, and cloud operations. The company works with businesses from many industries, ranging from banking to healthcare and more. It believes in simplicity while embracing diverse ideas to promote the adoption of advanced technology. It also takes social responsibility seriously and has an integrity-driven supply chain. 

Juniper Networks is a dependable service provider and helps clients achieve sustainable growth. For example, Juniper Apstra is a networking software that automates and validates the design, deployment, and operation of data center networks. The company combines multi-cloud computing and 5G technologies to ensure reliable, fast, agile, and scalable solutions for startups and other popular businesses. The company also handles security solutions to increase system security for devices, apps, IT infrastructure, and users (employees, stakeholders, and customers). 


LeewayHertz is an AI development company offering cutting-edge software for startups and enterprises. The company builds innovative and creative tools to help businesses keep up in this fast-paced world. It provides end-to-end AI services and integrates apps with business systems to accelerate digital transformation. The company has expert teams to fine-tune foundation LLMs like GPT and LLaMA. It also creates customized domain-specific models to suit client’s requirements. 

LeewayHertz has successfully built over 50+ AI solutions to help businesses make data-driven decisions. Experienced software developers and AI engineers work closely to handle everything from conceptualization to implementation. The process is tailored to align with each business’s needs so that the establishment can harness the full potential of data and artificial intelligence. The company builds web and mobile apps, enterprise-grade tools, and generative AI models for workflow automation, supply chain optimization, and greater productivity. It also offers blockchain and Web3 development services. 


Azati is an end-to-end IT service provider offering diverse solutions for architecture, designing, building, and deployment of high-performance systems. It follows a professional approach to handling varied client requirements and has the necessary expertise to help startups and Fortune 500 companies. It works with businesses from insurance, real estate, HR, IT, and other industries to automate recurring tasks, optimize resources, and streamline CRM. The company offers agile-oriented development services. 

Businesses can choose Azati’s AI and ML services based on their requirements. The company offers consulting, modeling, development, deployment, and maintenance services according to the client’s needs. It focuses on NLP algorithms, AI-powered search, computer vision, intelligent data processing, and Anomaly detection. It handles ML models from start to finish by conducting data analysis to determine the parameters, training the algorithm, fine-tuning it for the business, and integrating it with third-party apps in the business. The company also specializes in R&D. 

Can Product Consulting Done by AI?

The short answer is yes. Artificial intelligence can be used for product consulting and development. AI can bring greater creativity, innovation, agility, and understanding to the project. According to a PwC report, businesses that use AI and advanced ML algorithms for product development have seen around a 30% increase in revenue from their products and services. 

Artificial intelligence is a transformative technology that helps bring various elements together to create a cohesive and well-planned product. Whether it is automation, resource management, quality control, or personalization, AI can help in different ways to achieve the end result. 

With many leading brands and market giants already investing millions in AI, startups also need to take the initiative and adopt AI technologies. Startups have the opportunity to include AI as an integral part of the business plan to save on expenses. Entering the market as a business offering digital products and services allows the startup to build a stronger brand identity and gain more visibility. 


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to help startups establish themselves in competitive markets. It is no longer a distant technology but an everyday solution for business and personal use. However, the startup’s success depends on how well it plans and implements the AI strategy. 

Increase the success rate by partnering with reliable and trustworthy AI consulting firms. The inherent collaborative nature of AI makes it convenient to work with a service provider and incorporate advanced technologies into different facets of the business. 

Call us to schedule a meeting with our expert team to get a clear idea of our extensive Startup AI Services.  

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