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7 Top Data Visualization Solution Companies in 2023

Data is the common factor across several modern business processes that are driving growth for a business. Organizations are gathering more data about their current and potential customers, data is driving the key performance indicators for a business.

It is critical to understand that data is an intrinsic part of our lives and companies need effective ways to manage and analyze data for sustained growth. Effective data management is especially critical for large-sized companies that operate with a large number of business processes, sales volume, performance metrics, and operational tasks. The larger the business operations, organizations need effective processes to handle a massive data size.

Data visualization is effective in appealing to the representation of data that helps increase its efficiency and usage in any organization. Several businesses opt for data visualization as a service for the effective utilization of data in their operations.

What Makes for a Good Data Visualization Solution Firm?

It is important to select the right data visualization solution firm to achieve the set objectives. Here are the things that make for a good data visualization solution firm: 


A good data visualization firm would have the required certifications in place to prove the depth of experience. At the same time, these certifications give the required confidence to relatively newer customers. 


A sound data visualization company will be able to showcase the experience and case studies on the results achieved for the other clients. After all, you do not want a bunch of newbies working on sensitive data of your organization. 


The team at any good data visualization firm would have a mix of professionals from the entry-level to the advanced. It helps to allocate the right requirements to the right person. It is a good idea to check the size of the team and the mix. 


Several enterprises partner with the leading data visualization solution providers. These partnerships are a win-win for the enterprise and the solution provider. At the same time, the customer gets the required confidence that the enterprise would be well-versed in the capabilities of the tool. 

Benefits of Data Visualization Services

The use of data visualization can provide multi-pronged benefits to a business. Here are the key benefits of using data visualization services:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: The use of data visualization services allows a business to find new avenues to improve the level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, a business is better equipped to create a unique competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.
  • Faster adoption: The use of data visualization in business processes allows for faster analysis and adoption of a differing viewpoint by projecting the expected benefit.
  • Better alignment: The use of data visualization can help an organization achieve better alignment between business goals and operational activities. For instance, a business aiming to provide a superior customer experience can identify issues like poor customer service with the help of data visualization software.
  • Better understanding: It is a known fact that images and visuals are better at explaining information as compared to the mountain of text and numbers. As a result, data visualization can be used effectively to understand the issue at hand and the possible solutions for faster business growth.

Top Data Visualization Solution Companies

Now that you know the concept, it is the right time to dive deep into the 7 top data visualization solution companies. Here is all you need to know about it:

1. SiSense

SiSense has developed an integrated platform for efficient data processing and management. The platform allows effective visualization and reporting of data seamlessly from a single platform with a complete analytics lifecycle. The tools from SiSense allow companies to drive faster insight generation and processing for business growth.

Building a single source of truth, the firm focuses on speeding up the data transformation journey for its clients. Counting Adobe, Tinder, Relic, and Crunchbase as its customers, SiSense has a wide presence across industries like transportation & logistics, business service, information technology, and gaming. 

2. DataToBiz

DataToBiz is another strong name in the data engineering market that can provide highly interactive data visualization solutions with help of modern solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

PrepAI, HireLakeAI, and SensiblyAI are the three popular products from the house of DataToBiz. With its PowerBI services, DataToBiz has emerged as a strong data visualization firm in international markets.

Be it retail, manufacturing, sales/purchase, revenue, oil and gas, e-commerce, banking, or government departments, DataToBiz’s expertise in data visualization has been harnessed in a variety of industries.

The organization helps global business to generate actionable insights with the help of Power BI and help create a customizable integration and implementation plan for a business.

3. Instinctools

Instinctools is another reliable name in the industry driving digital transformation for several global brands. With headquarters in Germany and over 350 experts onboard, Instinctools relies on its strong partnerships with giants like Google, Microsoft, and Bechtle to drive data visualization and other business functions.

Instinctools has been in business for over 20 years now and focuses on software development, cloud computing, and business intelligence. The data visualization function falls under the business intelligence wing of the business.

4. Sigma Data Systems

Sigma Data Systems understands the importance of data management and processing and is one of the biggest names in big data. The organization follows a pre-defined workshop pattern and provides unique solutions to its customers with the use of modern frameworks and tools.

Apart from the CMMi Level 3 certification, Sigma boasts of Freeletics, Byju’s, and Orderhive among its key customers. It is known for adopting a flexible approach and following a collaborative process to provide data visualization solutions to its clients.

 5. NeenOpal Inc.    

NeenOpal is a specialized data science firm that works in the area of business intelligence and customer relationship management. The global consulting firm drives digital transformation for its clients with big data, business intelligence, and data analytics. NeenOpal has been listed as one of the Top 15 Big Data Companies in India and the USA in 2020 and the Top Big Data Marketing Companies by Clutch.

With solutions like Tableau, Power BI, Klipfolio, Looker, and Google Data Studio, the firm aims to bring data to life with a diverse team. It counts Unilever, Singer, The Healthy Mummy, and Corel Corporation as the key customers and helps them in the data transformation journey.

6. CapTech Consulting

CapTech Consulting aims to redefine the way businesses look at technology and data management. It is focused on helping its clients with data & analytics along with customer engagement and custom IT solutions including data visualization. The collaborative and dedicated efforts of the business have ensured that the business has been part of the Inc. 500/5000 list for 7 years in a row.

Targeting medium to large businesses, the firm offers a variety of data visualization solutions with modern platforms and tools. It counts America’s leading Fortune 500 companies and government agencies as its customers.

7. SPEC India

SPEC India is one of the most famous names in the data and insights business. The company is known for working with clients that understand the importance of data for business success.

It uses modern solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning to build its mobility & business intelligence solutions along with enterprise software. It has an experience of over 30 years of being in the business.

The company works with a customer-first approach and has gained expertise in the field of data visualization along with other data-related verticals like custom software development, BI & analytics solutions, and automation & security testing.

How To Start the Implementation of Data Visualization Solutions in Business?

 It is critical to understand the roadmap for the implementation of data visualization in business. Here are the steps that you can take to implement data visualization in your business: 

Know the End goal

It is critical to start with the end goal of the data visualization exercise. Are you looking at creating interactive reports, trying to find out gap areas, or using data visualization to showcase performance? The end objective would help you identify the roadmap and the rest of the process. 

Target Audience

Once the end goal is clear, you should focus on finalizing the target audience for the data visualization. This exercise will help you identify the stakeholders, their challenges, goals, and metrics involved and the end result you expect. After these questions are answered, you can begin the data visualization exercise with clarity. 

Select the Data Visualization Firm

After goals and audience has been decided, you should select the data visualization firm that you plan to take on board for this exercise. The hiring of a professional data visualization agency will provide the required platform for offering professional advice and solutions for the data visualization service. 

Finalize the Data Visualization Tool

You also need to select the data visualization tool that is going to drive the various activities as part of the data visualization process. There are several good options available in the market like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qik Sense, Domo, etc. that can be selected. 

Set the Ground Rules

After the firm and tool are finalized, it is the right time to create a strong foundation for the data visualization exercise by setting some ground rules. You can start by finalizing color preference, providing the right context, and setting the dos and don’ts in place. 


These are the top data visualization solution companies operating in the market. It is better to decide on the end objective and the possible route you plan to take before finalizing a data visualization partner as per your requirements.

Data visualization is an effective tool to boost your data journey and generate insightful information that can otherwise be hard to decode. With no-code platforms and easy-to-understand platforms available for the various teams, data visualization has the potential to contribute across several business functions. 

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