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6 Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies in the USA

IT staff augmentation provides businesses with quick and direct access to expert teams without spending resources on complex recruiting processes. Here, we’ll discuss the top IT staff augmentation companies in the USA and learn more about the process. 

Business organizations in today’s world need to adapt quickly to changes and remain competitive to retain their market share. This requires constant development and growth, be it the adoption of new technology, employee training, or digital transformation. 

However, it is not feasible for businesses to spend all their resources on recruiting the best talent for the job. That’s why many organizations in the US and around the world opt for IT staffing solutions and hire expert teams for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term or as per their changing requirements. 

So, what is the market size of staff augmentation in the USA? Statistics show that the US IT staffing industry is expected to be $43.2 billion in 2024, with a 7% year-over-year growth rate. The global IT staff augmentation market is likely to reach $147.2 billion by 2028.  

In this blog, we’ll look at the top IT staffing augmentation Companies in the US and know more about staffing services. 

What are Staff Augmentation Companies?

IT staff augmentation companies provide external and in-house teams to work with different businesses on their projects. They promote team agility and greater productivity, help with data-driven decision-making, and better efficiency without increasing costs or consuming extra resources. 

Staff Augmentation vs. Staffing

Though sometimes, the terms staffing and staff augmentation are used interchangeably, they are, in fact, two different processes. 

Staffing refers to the process of working with a third party to hire temporary, part-time, full-time, and permanent employees for a business based on the job requirements. 

The staff augmentation process is where an external team is added to the existing workforce to empower and strengthen the business for completing a project or achieving a specific goal. The external team works alongside the internal IT teams to bridge the talent gap and offer the desired services. 

IT staff augmentation companies provide exclusively IT-related development and engineering teams to MSMEs, SMBs, and large enterprises. 

What is an Example of Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation services are a great example of the process. Let’s say your business needs a mobile app or a data-driven ML model. Instead of building an in-house team from scratch or hiring candidates through the lengthy selection process, you simply contact an IT staff augmentation company. The service provider will understand your needs and provide a dedicated team to work on your project. This team fills the talent gap in your organization and is a temporary addition to the employee base. Once the project is successfully completed and launched, the team will be dissolved. Moreover, the staff augmentation team can be on-premises, remote, or a combination of both (hybrid). 

What is another name for Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation is sometimes called staffing augmentation or supplemental staffing. The staff augmentation company outsources expert teams based on your project requirements, budget, and time scale. The process is simpler and takes less time compared to full-scale recruitment. 

6 Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies in the USA


DataToBiz is a reputed and dependable digital transformation and staff augmentation company in the USA with certified data analysts, data engineers, AI and ML engineers, dedicated project managers, Tableau and Power BI developers, data scientists, etc. The company helps businesses from different industries find the best team for their projects, optimize resources, reduce costs, enhance quality, and achieve the desired results. 

As one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in the industry, DataToBiz promises transparency, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effective pricing, along with tailor-made services to suit client’s requirements. Whether it is end-to-end staffing or special skill acquisition, the company can easily cater to diverse demands and build an efficient team in 24-48 hours. DataToBiz provides short-term and long-term IT staff augmentation services and has a project satisfaction rate of over 97%. 

Trango Tech 

Trango Tech is a technology service provider and a staff augmentation firm that provides varied services. The company helps business convert their ideas into tangible assets by providing dedicated teams for each project. It has over 1500 employees around the globe and works with businesses from different regions. The company follows an all-hands-on approach to promote digital transformation and deliver results. 

Trango Tech has a pool of 100+ certified developers for IT staff augmentation services. It has an affordable pricing system and provides daily updates to clients to keep them in the loop at all times. The company builds remote teams by creating a checklist based on the client’s specifications. Then, it schedules interviews and hires the best talent. Finally, the trial period begins, where businesses can determine if the selected candidates are suitable for the job. 


Edvantis is a software engineering company and one of the well-known IT staff augmentation companies in the US and central/ eastern Europe. It offers scalable IT solutions to promote innovation, flexibility, and operational efficiency in business organizations. The company can quickly fill the skill gap in an enterprise by building a dedicated remote team of experts. 

Edvantis has 18+ years of experience and ISO 27001:2013 certification. It provides organizations direct access to top talent with advanced skill sets. Businesses can work with a single partner instead of trying out multiple vendors and outsourcing service providers. From data science to artificial intelligence, software development, IT support, and legacy modernization, the company can handle different types of staff augmentation needs with ease. 

Seasia Infotech 

Seasia Infotech is a CMMI level 5 company offering IT outsourcing and staff augmentation services with a focus on innovation. It performs a feasibility analysis when taking up a project to provide the right kind of support, guidance, and talent to the clients. The company works with startups as well as Fortune 500 brands, helping them develop agile and scalable teams to build high-quality products and applications. 

Seasia emphasizes IP rights protection and data security. It also makes space for seamless and smooth collaboration between the existing employees and dedicated staff augmentations teams. The company offers on-demand IT outsourcing services for consulting, software development, UI/UX design, cloud management, testing and QA, maintenance, etc. It helps businesses reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. 

iView Labs 

iView Labs is a full-stack software development service provider and one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in the market. It caters mainly to businesses in the education, FinTech, and healthcare industries by offering a scalable team of engineers. Organizations can choose a team of any size, ranging from three to twenty, depending on the needs and budget. The company can offer a comprehensive team in 48 hours to save time and resources for the client. 

iView Labs works with startups, emerging enterprises, and SMEs. It follows a four-step process to create a remote team with the necessary talent and experience. With flexible staff augmentation options, the company has served over 200 clients from various countries and completed 200+ projects successfully. It has been certified by reputed platforms like NASSCOM, Make in India, etc. 

XB Software 

XB Software is among the experienced IT staff augmentation companies offering web app development and testing services. It believes in transparency, communication, and compliance. The company helps businesses create world-class web-based apps using cutting-edge tools and technologies. It facilitates faster development, higher quality, and better results. 

XB Software follows a client-centric approach and promises timely deliveries, cost-effective pricing, and reliable, dedicated developers to work on the projects. From business analytics to application modernization, UI/ UX design, project management, front-end development, etc., the company can cater to a whole range of requirements by creating teams with diverse talents and skill sets. 

What are the Two Types of Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services can be categorized into different types, such as the following: 

  • Short-Term: External teams work with the internal employees on a project and leave after it is complete. 
  • Long-Term: The staff augmentation teams stay with a business for several months or even years to help save operational costs, fill talent gaps, etc. 

It is also classified as below: 

  • Commodity-Based: External teams are brought in to accelerate the process and fill up lower to mid-level jobs with lesser skill requirements. 
  • Skill-Based: As the name suggests, candidates with specific skill sets, like data engineers, data analysts, AI and ML engineers, data scientists, etc., are brought in from the staff augmentation provider. 

So, how big is the staff augmentation industry? 

Reports show that the global staff augmentation market will reach $129.3 billion by 2027. The sector is expected to grow quickly as more and more organizations turn to experts to manage their businesses and achieve success. 


The dynamic global market has led to an increase in the demand for IT staff augmentation services. Many organizations partner with staff augmentation consulting companies to streamline the recruitment process and gain access to the top talent in the industry for cost-effective pricing. 

Flexible teams, transparent pricing, reliable talent, and advanced technology are some key aspects to consider when hiring a staff augmentation company. Talk to us to find the best IT team for your business. 

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