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Business Intelligence Services and BI Consulting in Canada

Take advantage of business intelligence for more meaningful insights and smarter decisions.

How Business Intelligence Works?

Business intelligence (BI) helps organizations make rational decisions, reach well-founded conclusions, and outline priorities through the transformation of massive volumes of raw data into actionable information. SMBs and enterprises can determine market trends, gauge business performance, scale opportunities for growth, and set market goals with the help of comprehensive BI solutions.

What BI Solutions Can Do For You?

Analyze, track and optimize

Utilize a single platform to capture and analyze your organization's online and offline data streams. By implementing data visualization and custom analytics dashboards, you can simplify complex goals and ensure the workforce is focused on the determinants that drive tangible results.

Explore business insights and metrics

Discover patterns, correlations, and reasons for your company's uncertainties, as well as opportunities and threats by analytically standardizing the operations. You can gather actionable insights about customer behavior, employee performance, suppliers, and partners through scalable business data analytics solutions.

Identifying and predicting trends

Improve resource planning and market response by analyzing historical as well as real-time data simultaneously. A significant advantage of effective data analytics is its greater accuracy and speedy response time, which enables you to enrich your insights with up-to-date information when necessary.

Self-service BI

Get access to data even if you don't have a tech background, create visually rich dashboards and insightful reports, and set up custom alerts to spot trends and anomalies. Access to up-to-date data in one place allows employees to use business intelligence daily, make educated guesses, and reduce time-to-insight.

Reduced labor costs

By automating data collection and report generation, you are able to reduce employee training and development costs. Business Intelligence can also reduce costs by allowing you to understand how well you’re performing with a certain number of employees and how many you need to reach your goals.

Business intelligence consulting tailored to your needs

BI integration

A scalable and robust business intelligence solution that meets the organization's data needs and operational bottlenecks. With BI systems, all employees are kept updated about company data, track performance, generate automated reports, monitor KPIs, and receive notifications about achievement.


System development for Enterprise Business Intelligence

Implementing data warehouses and forming ETL pipelines for data storing and preparation around BI solutions. Implementing BI functionality into desktop, cloud, web, and mobile applications. In the end, you get an industry-specific BI ecosystem tailored to the needs of your company

Software modernization for Business Intelligence

Enhance your existing solution with new data sources, formats, sophisticated data storage, and top-of-the-line functionality. Through these technologies, we can accelerate data processing, improve business insights, improve business overview, and improve operational capability.

Analyzing digital products

Analysis of your digital product or service to better understand user behavior. In addition to accurately calculating LTV and customer churn, you can also identify impactful opportunities, optimize every step of your customer's journey, and improve customer retention by visualizing and analyzing behavioral data.

Looking for a different use case?

Our Business Intelligence Case Studies


Business Intelligence Solution for a Multinational Food and Beverage Company

We helped a multinational food and beverage company to build real-time visual Power BI dashboards throughout the organization for managing the operations better. The insights gained from the dashboards helped the business increase its product sales by 13%.

Streamlining the Operations of a Global Spa and Wellness Enterprise Using AI and BI solutions

Our experts assisted in building a customized AI and BI solution for an international spa and wellness company. We developed a recommendation engine based on the collaborative filtering model which drastically improved sales by a whopping 53%. The real-time BI dashboards that were created helped the business reduce 1/4th of its operational costs.


Data Lake Powered BI Solution for Better Decision Making

We created a robust and scalable business intelligence solution for a public transportation agency based in the US. We helped the client collect, store, manage and analyze their data by developing a data engineering infrastructure. The organization was able to eradicate the scope of manual errors with the introduction of automated systems.

Business Intelligence Services for every Industry

Didn’t find your industry? We have got you covered.

Phases of Business Intelligence System Development


Architecture and technology consulting for BI

As business intelligence technology experts, we assist you in determining the best approach, tools, and technology stack for your company's specific requirements to meet the goals and business priorities.


Technology stack & Solutioning

Our BI solution includes an architecture design, a technology stack, any necessary tools, and 3rd-party integrations, as well as custom elements and how they all work together as per the requirements.


Data Integration strategy & data sources

Our BI experts deal with analyzing available data sources and formats, drafting APIs to fetch information, integrating that information with our ETL processes to get a unified view of all aspects.


Business analytics model & BI architecture

For data analytics, our team develops logical and physical architectures, visualization interfaces, and dashboards to provide decision-makers with actionable insights from extracted data.


Business process integration & improvement management

As business intelligence technology experts, we assist you in determining the best approach, tools, and technology stack for your company's specific requirements to meet the goals and business priorities.

Client Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

BI consulting includes strategizing, planning, implementing, streamlining, and customizing data and analytics within an organization. The core intent of business intelligence consulting services is to help an organization use its raw data to generate accurate insights. These insights are used for effective decision-making and to boost business efficiency. BI helps employees and management perform activities that take the business to new heights. 

A business intelligence consulting company offers a range of services. 

  • Data mining 
  • Data transformation 
  • Data warehousing 
  • Storing data on the cloud 
  • Big data and Data Analytics 
  • Data visualization using tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau 
  • Cloud migration services 
  • Embedding and customizing dashboards 
  • BI as a Service, etc. 

The BI consultant has a vital role in streamlining the systems and setting up BI tools within an enterprise. The consultant has to establish the strategy to build the data-driven model and choose the best way to increase the overall efficiency of your processes. The business intelligence consultant works in a systematic process. They start by identifying your data needs and KPIs. Then they build a BI roadmap and recommend best practices to derive insights. The consultant will set up and customize BI dashboards to provide the analytics directly to the end user (employee).

Business analytics consulting and business intelligence have different focus areas. BA deals with predictive analytics to determine future outcomes. It relies on data mining, data modeling, and machine learning to use historical and real-time data to predict possible future events/ trends. BI deals with descriptive analytics where data is used to understand the hows and whats of the current scenario. Both methods use historical and real-time data but in different ways. 

Business intelligence is used to turn raw data into actionable insights to make faster and better decisions. The insights can be used in various verticals in the company. BI is not limited to C-level executives. Managers, team leaders, and team members also have access to real-time analytics for day-to-day decision-making purposes. Small, medium and large-scale businesses from any industry can use business intelligence services to improve their systems and streamline internal processes.

It is time-consuming and cost-intensive to have an in-house team of BI experts. Digital transformation is a continuous and long-term process that requires technical skills and huge investments. Partnering with a BI consulting company provides the following benefits: 

  • Save time spent on implementation and setup 
  • Get faster analytics and insights 
  • Spend less money on customization (instead of developing a model from scratch)
  • Access expertise without spending time and money on the hiring process 
  • Reduce employee workload through automation 
  • Increase business efficiency by relying on data-driven models 
  • Get end-to-end services within your budget 
  • Use the latest technology and tools in the business 
  • Increase ROI and gain a competitive edge 

Yes. Coding is a part of the backend process in implementing business intelligence systems. Our experts use their domain knowledge to build BI systems for data preparation, storage, analytics, and visualization. Coding is mainly used during the data warehousing phase and when developing the project lifecycle model. Our offshore BI consulting teams use different programming languages that are best suited to your business requirements.

DataToBiz offers end-to-end business intelligence solutions to build, implement, customize, integrate, and maintain BI systems in an organization. Our team works to develop a comprehensive business intelligence setup with flexible and scalable features. We help your employees understand how BI tools work and ways to use intelligence reports for better decision-making. We also maintain and upgrade BI systems. DataToBiz will be your long-term partner in becoming a successful business. Protection Status