Driving Revenue Growth for a Leading Auto-Rickshaw Aggregator

Our Client

  • A leading on-demand app-based Auto-rickshaw aggregator based out of Chandigarh, India.
  • Incorporated in 2014, with services spread across 45+ cities.
  • Apart from auto-rickshaw rides, it provides local services such as logistics,
    and groceries and food deliveries.

Problem Statement

Our client faced several challenges that hindered their revenue growth and marketing strategies:
  • Limited Consumer Insights –

    Lack of comprehensive insights into the customer
    base, including their preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns, making it
    difficult to personalize marketing efforts.

  • Ineffective Offer Strategies –

    Our client’s marketing team found it hard to
    determine the most impactful offers and promotions that would entice the ideal
    audience segments, leading to low engagement and conversion rates.

  • Suboptimal Pricing –

    Determining the optimal pricing points for their
    auto-rickshaw services proved challenging for the concerned stakeholders.
    Inaccurate pricing points led to dissatisfied customers and missed revenue

  • Lack of Personalization –

    The absence of personalized recommendations and
    tailored offers meant that the stakeholders could not fully leverage the potential
    for upselling, cross-selling, and enhancing customer loyalty.

  • Customer Retention Challenges –

    Our client faced high churn rates and found it
    difficult to retain customers over the long term. They needed effective strategies
    to improve customer loyalty, reduce attrition, and foster repeat business.

Our Solution

Here’s the solution that we proposed to address the challenges faced by the client:
  • Customer Segmentation:

    We analyzed their customer data to identify distinct customer segments based
    on demographic, behavioral, and usage attributes. This allowed them to tailor
    their marketing initiatives to each segment effectively.

  • Advanced Offer Analytics:

    We conducted an in-depth offer analytics study using historical data to identify
    the most effective offers and promotions for different customer segments. They
    optimized their promotional strategies accordingly, resulting in higher
    engagement and conversion rates.

  • Data-Driven Pricing Analytics:

    Our team of experts implemented pricing analytics to optimize their pricing
    strategies for auto-rickshaw services. By analyzing market dynamics, competitor
    pricing, and customer sensitivity to price changes, they set optimal price points to
    attract customers while maximizing revenue.

  • Personalized Recommendation Engine:

    Leveraging customer data, usage history and behavior pattern, we developed a
    recommendation engine that allowed the client to provide personalized service
    recommendations to their customers.

  • Targeted Retention Strategies:

    Our experts along with the respective stakeholders conducted RFM (recency,
    frequency, monetary) analysis to identify valuable customer segments and those
    at risk of churn. Targeted retention were implemented including personalized
    incentives, loyalty programs, and proactive customer support.

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Business Impact

The implementation of these solutions yielded significant impacts, such as:
  • Revenue Growth – The aggregator experienced a 11% increase in revenue within
    the first year of implementing these solutions that helped in leveraging
    personalized marketing strategies, optimized pricing, and recommendation
    engine based upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Improved Customer Retention – Our client achieved a 15% reduction in customer
    churn through targeted retention initiatives based on RFM analysis. They were
    successfully able to improve customer loyalty and higher customer lifetime value.
  • Enhanced Marketing ROI – The insights from our solution helped the client’s
    marketing team formulate and run more efficient and effective marketing
    campaigns. The marketing ROI increased by a whopping 22%, along with
    improved conversion rates.

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