End-to-end Digital Transformation of a B2B Advertising and PR Firm

Our Client

  • A multinational B2B advertising and PR agency headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
  • With a remarkable legacy of 100+ years, the company has evolved into one of the largest and most influential advertising agencies globally, ranking among the world’s top 10 largest advertising agency networks in terms of annual revenues.
  • Content marketing, commercials, campaigns, CXM, and Media Relations are some of the major forte of the agency.

Problem Statement

Before hopping into the project, the client highlighted these many problems in their data management system:

  • Lack of Data Insights:

    The client faced difficulties gaining a comprehensive view of ongoing projects due to scattered data across various departments and locations, impacting their ability to derive meaningful insights.

  • Manual Reporting:

    The manual data entry and reporting system led to delays, errors, and a lack of prompt access to critical information.

  • Un-informed Decision Making:

    The absence of real-time data was a huge concern, resulting in inconsistent decision-making based on outdated or incomplete information, leading to operational inefficiencies.

  • Financial Monitoring:

    The client struggled with the absence of real-time financial monitoring, hindering their ability to accurately forecast future financial performance and make informed financial decisions.

Our Solution

To tackle the highlighted concerns, our team of data experts implemented a comprehensive analytics solution. We wanted to organize their data sources, automate reports, get instant insights, and help them make data-driven decisions.

Data Integration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

  • We deployed ETL processes to collect and integrate data from diverse sources, such as project management tools, financial systems, and resource tracking. This ensured the extraction, transformation, and loading of data into a centralized warehouse, maintaining optimum consistency.

Centralized Data Storage

  • We consolidated data from various sources and formats into a centralized data warehouse, ensuring uniformity and precision in data representation.

Data Visualization

  • Our team developed data visualization tools and multiple Power BI dashboards to gain real-time insights, enabling stakeholders to quickly access information from multiple sources at once.

  • Account Dashboard: Created an overview dashboard showcasing forecasted and actual hours by account, using visuals like bar charts, line graphs, and tables.

  • Resource Dashboard: Developed a resource dashboard allowing users to view forecasted and actual hours by resource, with multiple filter options for resource selection.

  • Service Line Dashboard: Established a dashboard to overview data by service line, offering users insights into forecasted and actual hours for different service lines.

  • Pipeline Demand Dashboard: Constructed a pipeline demand dashboard presenting insights into project pipelines, including demand forecasts and actuals, using stacked bar charts and tables.

  • Hours By Pyramid and Location Dashboard: Built a dashboard showcasing hour-by pyramid and location, including maps, geographic heatmaps, and hierarchical pyramid visualizations.

Automated Reporting

  • Our team replaced manual data entry with automated reporting systems, generating reports on a strict schedule to reduce errors and delays.

Analytics Tools

  • We implemented advanced analytics tools to provide in-depth insights into the company’s operations, supporting prompt and informed decision-making.

Financial Forecasting Models

  • Our data scientists and financial experts collaborated to develop forecasting models that accurately predicted future financial performance based on real-time data.

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Business Impact

The adoption of automated reporting methods and implementation of multiple Power BI dashboards for timely insights resulted in an end-to-end digital transformation of the agency’s operations.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Real-time dashboards streamlined project oversight, and resource allocation, and reduced bottlenecks for improved efficiency.

  • Improved Decision-Making: Data-driven decisions optimized resource allocation, leading to enhanced project timelines and more effective management.

  • No manual errors: Automation in data processes and reporting improved accuracy, minimizing errors and positively impacting overall operational efficiency.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Immediate access to support ticket data enabled quicker issue resolution, elevating customer satisfaction and increasing the retention rate.

  • Cost Savings: Optimized processes not only achieved cost savings and better returns but also contributed towards sustained business growth.

All-in-all, we helped the ad agency with a complete data transformation by using live reporting via Power BI dashboards. This led to improved efficiency, better decision-making, and reduced manual errors. The technologies used by our experts, including SQL Server and Power BI, played a key role in achieving the desired results.

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