Effective Employee Time Tracking and Timesheet Management Solution

Our Client

  • A multinational media and digital marketing communications company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Their operations are spread over 120 countries.

Problem Statement

  • The client required a one-stop solution for managing and tracking the timesheets and leaves of all the employees of the organization. The challenge was to collate the data from multiple types of sources and locations.

Our Solution

Here’s how we approached the problem:
  • Data Sourcing: Timesheet data stored in various sources (Microsoft Excel mapping files, Workday Adaptive Planning, Timesheet Source Systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.) were acquired.
  • Data Ingestion: Azure Synapse Analytics was used for intelligent workload management and analyze the different data formats.
  • Data Storage: The data collected was then stored in the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and converted to a structured format so that it can be fed to Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Self-Service Reporting: We created Power BI data sets from the data warehouse and created a self-service solution as per the requirements of the client. Next, a structure of the solution was built where the client can create the reports and visualizations (charts, tables, etc.). We shared the naming conventions of the components with the client so that they can use the solution without any hassle.

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Technical Architecture


Business Impact

  • Improved management of employees’ time and leaves.
  • The overall productivity of the workforce increased as the slacking was in check.
  • Overtime payments were streamlined.

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