Enhancing Engineering Decisions And Part Usage Analysis Of A Global Solar Tracking Company.

Our Client

  • A global company, headquartered in the USA, specializing in providing solar tracking systems, technology, and engineering services. It has branches in five other countries.
  • The company excels in installing top-of-the-line solar panels while also dedicating efforts to creating innovative devices that help automate the position of solar panels to optimize energy generation.

Problem Statement

  • The company lacked an efficient system to track and monitor the various parts and raw materials used in manufacturing the devices.
  • There was limited visibility into the availability and usage of components for particular projects.
  • Manual parts management and monitoring were time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

Our Solution

    • Our team of engineers developed and implemented a Parts Query Application (PQA) system that offered a centralized platform for tracking and monitoring parts utilized in the process of manufacturing the devices.
    • We integrated the application with the company’s existing inventory management system to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
    • We designed a user-friendly search and filtering feature that enabled effortless identification of parts and their utilization across various projects.

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Business Impact

Improved Parts Management
  • The Parts Query Application (PQA) streamlined parts tracking across the projects, reducing manual efforts and errors.
Enhanced Parts Tracking
  • The application provided the engineering team with efficient tracking and analysis of parts utilized across different projects. This empowered them to make informed decisions regarding part revisions or discontinuations based on usage analysis, ultimately improving their decision-making process.
Time Savings
  • The implementation of our solution resulted in a 21% reduction in time spent on manual parts tracking and management.
Improved Project Efficiency
  • The PQA system enabled the engineering team to quickly identify required parts, resulting in a 12% increase in the project completion rate, allowing for better project efficiency.
In conclusion, the implementation of the Parts Query Application (PQA) system had a significant positive impact on the engineering team. It enhanced their ability to track parts usage across projects, facilitating informed decision-making regarding part revisions and discontinuations. This ultimately improved project efficiency, leading to time savings and increased productivity.

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