Enhancing Sales Performance: A Data-driven Approach for a Real Estate Development Company

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Our Client

  • A real estate development company based in Sharjah, UAE.
  • More than 30 years of experience in building master-planned communities in Sharjah, Dubai, and other major cities in the region.

Problem Statement

Our client faced many challenges in their sales processes resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities. The key problems were as follows:
  • Fragmented data: The sales data was spread across multiple sources and systems, making it difficult to get a comprehensive view of the sales operations. This made decision-making and analysis hard.
  • Limited insights: The data was stored in spreadsheets, and it took time to gain meaningful insights from them. Identifying trends, patterns, market opportunities, and areas of improvement were a struggle.
  • Manual reporting: The client relied on manual reporting of the sales data, which was time-consuming and error-prone, and resulted in delayed access to crucial information.

Our Solution

To address the client’s challenges and optimize their sales operations we implemented a comprehensive data warehousing and business intelligence solution. These were some of the key steps taken by our team:
Data Integration
  • We identified the various sources of data such as CRM systems, property databases and financial systems. The data was then consolidated and integrated into a centralized data warehouse. This ensured a unified view of the sales data across the organization
Data Transformation and Cleansing
  • The data was cleansed and transformed to ensure consistency and quality. Data inconsistencies were resolved, formats were standardized, and duplicates were eliminated.
Data Analytics
  • Advanced data analytics techniques were applied to the collated and transformed data. To extract valuable insights, and identify trends and patterns, we utilized statistical analysis, predictive modeling and data mining techniques.
Business Intelligence
  • To visualize and present the reports in an optimized manner, we leveraged Power BI. We created interactive dashboards and reports to enable the stakeholders to understand the sales data effectively. Some of the reports we incorporated include: commission and brokerage analyses, most valuable salesperson, inventory status reports, leads reports, sales team performance, etc.
Automated Reporting
  • The reports and dashboards were scheduled to generate and distribute automatically at specified intervals using various tools. This ensured that the stakeholders had access to up-to-date information.

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Business Impact

The implementation of the data warehousing and business intelligence solution had a significant impact on the client’s sales operations, driving tangible improvements and delivering measurable results:
  • The client saw a notable increase in revenue, an 8% growth in annual sales revenue within the first year with the help of optimized sales strategies.
  • The sales team’s performance improved remarkably over the year, increasing productivity by 11% and the number of deals closed per sales development representative (SDR) by 12%.
  • Manual reporting efforts were reduced by 3/4th, allowing the sales team to dedicate more time to customer interactions.
  • Our client saw a rise of 7% in the market share due to the insights on emerging market opportunities that were leveraged to launch new property developments tailored to customer demands.

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