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7 Top Digital Transformation Consultants in Australia

Digital transformation is a continuous and ongoing process that helps businesses create and implement a digital strategy to enhance enterprise value and customer satisfaction. Here, we’ll discuss the top business transformation consultants in Australia and their importance in the global market.   

Digital transformation is the process of using the latest technologies and solutions to revamp existing business procedures or create new ones to increase productivity and cater to changing market demands without compromising quality or increasing costs. According to Zippa, the global digital transformation spend is expected to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023 year-end. Around 70% of businesses are already working on their digital transformation strategies. 

However, the Australian market is yet to fully invest in advanced technologies. According to the BCG-MIT report, Australian companies and governments are showing more interest in adopting AI for digital transformation. Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google have a strong presence in the Australian market. Many local and offshore companies are also providing tailor-made services to promote digital transformation across enterprises from all industries and niches. 

Though a study shows that up to 70% of Australian companies are yet to achieve the expected results, the companies are surely taking strong steps to adopt data-driven models and AI tools to become on par with global enterprises. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the top digital transformation consulting companies assisting Australian businesses to become successful. 

What Makes a Successful Transformation?

The digital transformation of a business is a continuous and scalable process but consists of three main steps- digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. 

The process of converting analog data to digital data is called digitization. It is the first step where all information is available in digital format and can be edited, shared, updated, and processed easily. 

Digitalization is the process of simplifying the work using various relevant tools or applications. For example, the basic purpose of customer service hasn’t changed, but the procedure has been upgraded to deliver quicker and more efficient results. 

Digital transformation deals with questions like, how can we streamline the backend work to reduce pressure on employees but enhance customer experience? Successful transformation is when a business optimizes the use of resources to amplify ROI and profits while ensuring greater customer experience. It increases overall productivity, quality, and brand value. 

Digital Transformation Consultants

Top Digital Transformation Consultants in Australia

1. DataToBiz

DataToBiz is a reputed Digital transformation consultant with a presence in different regions around the globe. The company offers tailor-made digital transformation services to SMBs, MSMEs, and large enterprises from Australia, Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. It helps businesses from various industries and niches unlock the potential of data by creating powerful strategies and implementing them in various verticals. The company aims to make the organization future-proof through services such as:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Warehousing 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • AI, ML, and NLP 
  • Vision Analytics, 
  • Big Data Analytics, etc. 

DataToBiz follows a systematic process to initiate digital transformation in an enterprise. The company has expert digital strategy consultants who take care of every single aspect and guarantee higher ROI through data-driven decisions. 

2. Boston Consulting Group

Popularly known as BCG, the multinational company offers business strategy and digital transformation services to clients from various parts of the world. The company follows a collaborative model to assist enterprises in overcoming business challenges and achieving their long-term goals. The company also has specialty teams in different industries to ensure customized solutions based on business requirements. Founded in 1963, BCG believes that the clients come first. It offers services such as:

  • Business transformation 
  • Organization strategy 
  • People strategy 
  • Corporate finance
  • Innovation strategy, etc. 

Given the extensive services offered by the company, BCG is best suited for large enterprises with greater budgets to adopt digital transformation at multiple levels simultaneously. The company offers total transformation to help the organization grow and drive bottom-line impact.  

3. PwC

PwC is a global digital transformation agency promising end-to-end services to help businesses solve complex problems and realize strategic business goals. PwC Australia calls itself a human-led, technology-powered community of solvers. The New Equation is the latest mega project by the company, where it aims to assist several Australian businesses adopt digital transformation and find the best solutions to their organizational problems. The company is among the top 50 brands worldwide and works with multinational organizations. It offers the following services: 

  • Cloud transformation 
  • Cybersecurity and digital trust 
  • Enterprise technology
  • Analytics and insights 
  • Digital strategy transformation, etc. 

PwC focuses on how technology can enable a business to become more efficient, productive, and successful. It helps organizations make the right investments and choose emerging technologies to empower employees and unlock the business’s digital potential. 

4. Synergy Group

Synergy Group offers a full range of consultancy services to help businesses and government agencies address the various challenges in the ever-changing global markets. It deals with creating, designing, and integrating the necessary solutions to help enterprises drive their future strategies and achieve the expected results. The company handles everything from strategy to implementation to ensure the long-lasting and sustainable performance of the business. It works with businesses from several industries to provide customized solutions and make them react proactively and tackle market competition. It provides services such as the following:

  • Technology and systems 
  • Transformation 
  • Financial 
  • Advisory and Assurance 
  • Synergy Law, etc. 

Synergy Group understands that people resist change and aims to systematically implement transformation. This allows people to understand the benefits of digitalization and adapt to the changes without excess stress or pressure. 

5. Nous Group

Nous Group is an international management consultancy that works with establishments from the public, private, and community sectors. It helps solve complex strategic challenges and uses the expertise of in-house digital transformation consultants to bring a compelling change for the clients. The company has clients from various industries like agriculture, environment, education, government, finance, healthcare, transportation, human services, etc. The company works with a primary aim to help businesses create a positive impact on people’s lives through different technologies and services. 

  • Data and analytics 
  • Organizational performance 
  • Transformation and implementation 
  • Design and Digital 
  • Leadership and capability training, etc. 

Nous Group has a presence in five countries and provides tailor-made organizational development strategies to improve overall employee experience and performance. The company also works with Victorian small businesses to streamline processes and enhance customer engagement. It also focuses on helping a business grow without compromising public safety. 

6. FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting offers extensive services to help businesses handle the most complex and challenging events in the industry. From managing change to mitigating risk and providing actionable insights, the company effectively blends expertise, analytics, and transformation. The company has a presence in four major Australian cities, along with a global presence in other countries. It not only has experienced business transformation consultants but also provides support across all stages of the business cycle and handles legal, financial, and other issues with ease. The following services are offered by the consulting company:

  • Acuity® managed document review
  • Business transformation 
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity 
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Trial and arbitration support, etc. 

FTI Consulting deals with financial and legal aspects, strategic communications, and technology to assist an enterprise adopt the best strategies to digitally transform and become an industry leader. 

7. Proximity

Proximity is an Australian integrated consulting company that offers services to government agencies and large enterprises. It follows a multidisciplinary approach to help businesses arrive at better solutions. The company offers consulting services for digital transformation, legal, and commercial business management. Collaboration, traceability, and integration are the three core strengths of the company. It has a presence in different Australian cities and works with clients from around the country and the world. 

The company offers services for the following:

  • Organization transformation 
  • Data and cybersecurity 
  • Risk management and compliance 
  • Corporate and commercial law 
  • Report and program management, etc. 

Proximity defines its process as a bold approach to thinking innovatively and helping enterprises arrive at the desired outcomes using the right technology and skills. It assists businesses in overcoming complex challenges through personalization and by following the industry’s best practices. 

What are Some Examples of Successful Digital Transformations in Australia?

Despite the slow developments related to digital transformation and AI adoption, the Australian market has some successful cases of using advanced technology in different industries. 

  • Agriculture Sector 

The farming and agriculture sector in the country is using automation and AI apps to streamline various practices in the industry. There’s a whole set of modern farmers who have digitized their businesses to expand into local and global markets. From remote cattle stations to automated accounting and invoicing, and vineyard equipment, Australian farmers are redefining traditional processes through digital transformation. 

  • Government Sector 

Several government departments are at varying stages of digital transformation to provide seamless governance to the citizens. Communication is one of the primary areas where the Australian government uses automated tools to keep the public updated about the latest changes or developments made to various policies and laws. 

  • Online Gaming 

Digital casinos and gaming hubs have gained popularity in the country by digitally transforming their services to reach a wider range of audiences. 

  • Automotive Sector 

 Digitalization has transformed how Australians can shop for a car. Many automotive selling companies offer an array of services online through their website. Buyers can check out the collection online and visit the deal to complete the sale. 

What are the Capabilities of Consulting Firms?    

Consulting firms have a vital role in enabling businesses to adopt digital transformation and accelerate growth. The firms help answer the most important question- How can you realize your company’s digital potential?   

Digitally transforming a business leads to uncertainty among employees, stakeholders, management, and customers. Since the markets are already volatile, not having proper support can lead to unsuccessful results. A business transformation consulting firm offers end-to-end services, from creating a strategy based on business vision and goals to implementing it at each level in the enterprise, the entire responsibility of bringing new technology and assisting employees to use this technology lies on the consulting firms. 

In short, the capabilities of consulting firms are as follows: 

  • Domain expertise 
  • Flexibility and scalability 
  • Access to advanced technology 
  • Diverse portfolio 
  • Alliances and partnerships 
  • Maintenance and support 
  • Transparency and documentation 
  • Remote collaborations 
  • Employee-driven 
  • Client-centric customization 
Digital Transformation Consultant in Australia


Digital transformation is where technology becomes the core part of the business while still ensuring that the processes are people-centric. Business transformation consultants provide the necessary means and expertise to unlock the power of raw and scattered data in an organization. 

Australian companies can hire local or offshore digital transformation firms to revamp their IT infrastructure and train employees to use the latest technology to increase overall performance. Boost your brand value and customer experience through data analytics, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence models. 

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