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Top Players in Resource Augmentation Services

Resource augmentation services, a part of IT staff augmentation, can streamline your technologies, processes, and models by providing the necessary talent and support from outside. Here, we’ll discuss the top service providers offering resource augmentation services to various businesses in the global market.

Resource augmentation is the process of improving the existing resources in an organization by partnering with a service provider who offers tailored solutions to tackle the requirements. Here, resources include talent, technology, expertise, workforce, skills, and infrastructure. By effectively bridging the gap between what you already have and what you need to achieve the goals, you can streamline your operations cost-effectively. 

Staff augmentation is a popular type of resource augmentation. According to SpendEdge, the global investment in staff augmentation is likely to touch $81.87 billion by 2025. When you hire experts to work on your projects, you can also bring new technology and processes to overcome various challenges and improve your success rate. In this blog, we’ll understand how resource augmentation services work and take a look at the top companies offering customized resource augmentation services for businesses from different industries.

Defining Resource Augmentation Services & What is Augmentation of Resources?

Augmentation of resources is where a business brings skills, expertise, talent, knowledge, technology, or processes from outside to supplement the existing teams. It is a contract-based model where third-party companies are hired to tackle a specific project or goal. This saves time and money for your business as you don’t have to spend your resources on full-scale recruitment and training. Additionally, there is no need to build new technology or models from scratch. The external teams will customize the existing solutions to suit your project. By augmenting resources, a business can bring more flexibility to its working model without compromising quality or efficiency. 

What Are Resource Augmentation Services Used For?

Resource augmentation can be used for various reasons, such as the following: 

Hiring Experienced Teams 

Whether it is short-term or long-term, you may not want to spend millions on recruitment. In such instances, partnering with a resource augmentation provider will help. You can quickly build a team of experts and start the project. 

Investing in Technology 

Not sure how to introduce new technology into your business? Wondering which technology is the right choice? Resource agents can help enhance your systems by aligning your requirements and identifying the gaps to recommend the right technological solutions. 

Upgrading IT Infrastructure 

Be it the physical infrastructure, equipment, networks, or cloud technologies, regular maintenance, and upgrades are essential to prevent downtime and other concerns. Such aspects can be taken care of by resource augmentation providers. 

Knowledge Sharing 

Training your existing employees is time-consuming and stressful. However, you can bring external talent to work with your employees and collaborate on projects. This allows you to fill the knowledge gap quickly and efficiently. 

Optimizing Workflows 

Resource management services also include process augmentation where experts from outside will optimize the workflows, create seamless data flows, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and implement the industry’s best practices to increase your ROI.

Emerging Players in Resource Augmentation Services(To partner with!)

1. DataToBiz

DataToBiz is an AI and digital transformation company offering tailored resource augmentation services to SMBs and MSMEs from different countries. It has a diverse experience with a presence in many Industries like manufacturing, transportation, education, fintech, banking, travel, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, retail, eCommerce, and many more. The award-winning company provides end-to-end solutions for a plethora of services like data engineering, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data analytics, etc. 

The company’s on-demand staff augmentation services help businesses optimize resources, save costs, and increase overall project efficiency. DataToBiz has multiple resource augmentation models like end-to-end staffing, dedicated development teams, specialized skill acquisition, and project-based hiring. Organizations can put together an expert team in 24-48 hours and build a global team with varied expertise. The company actively takes feedback from clients to improve its services. 

Avg. Rating on Clutch: 4.8 stars 

2. Diffco

Diffco is a software development company offering resource augmentation services with great flexibility. It follows a customer-first communication model so that every client has direct access to the experts and can build a team with help from the company. Additionally, the tech leaders from the company take part in selecting and shortlisting eligible candidates for clients to interview and finalize. It works with businesses from the healthcare industry, real estate, IT, manufacturing, etc. 

The company’s other services include web development, mobile app development, front-end and back-end development, and enterprise custom development. Diffco has a six-step resource augmentation process where businesses can quickly create a team of experts and kick-start their projects. Clients can choose between hourly-based pricing or monthly salary, depending on whether they want to hire an external team for the short term or long term. 

Avg. Rating on Clutch: 5.0 stars 

3. ValueCoders

ValueCoders is a software development outsourcing company that offers staff augmentation services to many businesses. Startups and Fortune 500 businesses are a part of the company’s client base. The company specifically provides IT staff augmentation and outsourcing services in industries like healthcare, travel & tourism, transport & logistics, banking & finance, retail & eCommerce, media, education, manufacturing, etc. Its resource augmentation models are fully customized to meet the client’s specifications and can be scaled effortlessly. 

ValueCoders provides an extensive range of services, such as AI & ML, app development, custom software development, data engineering, cloud services, QA & testing, etc. The company helps organizations reduce costs and save time. It also eliminates the need for recruitment and tons of paperwork related to the process. Businesses can hire experts to add to their in-house team or set up off-shore teams in other locations. 

Avg. Rating on Clutch: 5.0 stars 

4. is a software development company offering extended team services to many Fortune 500 businesses in the global market. It has a presence in pharma, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, oil & gas, transportation, warehousing, retail, and eCommerce industries. The company provides short-term and long-term resource augmentation services with immediate access to the top talent pool. It promotes flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. The company also offers 24/7 support, daily reports, and feedback sessions to enhance performance and efficiency. 

{P} offers a list of vetted and hand-picked experts for clients to interview and select for their projects. It also has a unique Happiness Guarantee program. Clients can choose between project-based hiring, dedicated teams, and staff augmentation models. Front-end and back-end development to DevOps, digital transformation, cloud services, and business intelligence are some services provided by the company. 

Avg. Rating on Clutch: 4.9 stars 

5. GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs is a big data and AI development company. It is an IT solutions provider with diverse offerings, including resource augmentation services. The company works with global businesses, be it startups or Fortune 500 organizations. It provides premier staff augmentation solutions tailored to suit different needs. The company has a presence in many industries education, IT, gaming, NGOs, healthcare, automotive, retail, eCommerce, etc. Businesses can opt for any or all of its services, such as mobile app development, AI, big data sciences, digital transformation, RPA, DevOps, UI/UX design, corporate training, and more. 

GoodWorkLabs’ staff augmentation services can be categorized into IT consulting, temporary staffing, remote developer teams, and team extensibility. The company provides short-term, mid-term, and long-term staff augmentation services. Clients can determine the best model based on their requirements and budget. 

Avg. Rating on Clutch: 4.9 stars 

What is the Meaning of Augmentation Services?

Augmentation services are popular these days and are a preferred model for hiring experts to expand in-house teams. The augmented specialists become a part of the internal teams and work with your employees until the goals are achieved. They can work on-premises or remotely, depending on your workplace model and other factors. You can also hire dedicated teams for selected projects.

What is the Process Behind Resource Augmentation Services?

The resource augmentation process can vary from one company to another. However, the steps are similar in most instances, which are listed below: 

Evaluate Your Needs

The service provider will evaluate your requirements to understand what kind of augmentation services will work the best. This helps in listing the candidates, technologies, and other resources necessary for your project. 

Shortlist Candidates 

Then, the company will shortlist eligible experts to work on your project. This will be done based on the pre-defined parameters you provide. 


You can personally interview the shortlisted candidates and choose the ones who are a better fit for the job. The ultimate selection and approval are in your control. 

Start the Project

Once the selections are over, the team will start working on the project. Since they are already experts, there’s no need for additional training. The work will begin after a quick onboarding process. 

Continuous Support 

You can ask for post-project maintenance and support services from resource augmentation companies. They will continue to offer long-term support, especially if they have deployed new technology in your organization. 

What is the Difference Between Resource Augmentation Services and IT Staff Outsourcing?

Resource augmentation and outsourcing sound a lot similar and have some common elements. For example, both models involve third-party companies. However, certain differences set them apart. You should consider both models carefully and choose the one that suits your needs. 

Based on augmentation resources meaning, you can understand that it is a process of temporarily bringing outside talent to work in your business. 

Outsourcing is when you delegate or hand over the project to a third-party company that is either in the same country or across the sea. 

Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, resource augmentation offers flexibility and provides direct access to specialist talent. However, it can be expensive in the long term. Outsourcing is great for saving money on resources and getting faster results and decisions. However, it comes with certain security concerns and may not always deliver the expected results.

What are the Two Types of Staff Augmentation?

Resource augmentation can be of many types depending on how it is categorized. The two major types are short-term and long-term. 

Short-term augmentation is when you hire an expert team for a short or limited duration. In such instances, you can opt for the hour-based pricing model. 

Long-term augmentation is where you hire external teams for extended periods. This is useful when you have large and complex projects or want to continue using outside support to work on your jobs and manage workload fluctuations.


Resource augmentation services are diverse, versatile, flexible, and scalable. Third-party companies help find solutions to various business challenges without relying on traditional models. This saves resources for your business while providing access to expert talent, skills, and domain experience. 

Take time to consider the companies on our list and contact the one that meets your specifications. Factors like industry experience, project portfolio, pricing models, client testimonials, etc., play a vital role in choosing the most suitable resource augmentation partner. 

Talk to us for more information. 

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