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7 Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies in the UK

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best staff augmentation companies in the UK that offer augmented teams with extensive experience. You’ll understand how hiring external team members gives access to a wide talent pool, without dealing with the complexities of hiring full-time employees

According to a report by Manpower Group, 75% of employers find it difficult to secure skilled employees for a specific role. Further, 76% of the IT industry faces a global talent shortage. This crunch is challenging for IT companies who are in constant lookout for skilled talent. As a result, they are increasingly turning towards IT staff augmentation to address the skill shortage.

IT staff augmentation is an approach that helps companies scale up their teams when they need more resources for project completion in the short term. At the same time, they can scale down based on changing business needs. Staff augmentation companies offer reliable employees to assist your in-house team and help you improve and scale your business.

Working with trained professionals on an augmented team means you are tapping the best talent, thereby increasing your productivity, efficiency, and time to market. Augmented team members can handle complex projects since the staff augmentation companies already vet them for the process.

Staff augmentation also reduces the risks related to hiring permanent employees. By hiring temporary staff, you share your inherent risks with them, and aid decision-making, since your partners (staff augmentation company) are equally invested and working along with you on the project.

Now that we have understood the importance of IT staff augmentation, let’s learn about the best IT staff
augmentation companies that offer reliable team augmentation services in the UK and global markets.

Top IT Staff Augmentation Companies in the UK


 DataToBiz offers on-demand IT staffing solutions to companies to address their immediate project needs, optimize resources, and increase efficiency. It offers you access to a large pool of trained IT experts that integrate seamlessly into your existing workforce and ensure your business adapts to the dynamic project needs. 

DataToBiz offers top-tier IT staff augmentation services to meet your specific needs. Their expertise spans across following roles:  

  • AI/ML Engineers
  • NLP Engineers
  • LLM Engineers
  • Power BI/ Tableau Developers
  • Google Cloud Platform Experts
  • AWS Data Engineers
  • Computer Vision Engineers
  • Azure Data Engineers

The company ensures you get access to the right talent at the right time with different IT hiring models such as end-to-end staffing, project-based hiring, dedicated development teams, and specialized skill acquisition. They know how to sell staff augmentation services by identifying and recruiting skilled professionals with proven skills across a wide variety of niches. 


Innowise has been one of the best staff augmentation companies in London since 2007. It has been delivering reliable IT staff augmentation services by providing temporary employees to increase the performance of the in-house development team.  

Innowise excels in IT hiring and has a large team of both technical and non-technical teams that are capable of handling different types of projects. Some of the important job profiles include:  

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Mobile developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • 3D designers
  • UI/UX designers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • SQL Engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Software architects
  • Business analysts 

Staff augmentation companies looking forward to hiring professionals can delegate their workloads for the below-mentioned technology stack. 

Front end: React, Angular, PHP, .NET, Python, JavaScript, Java, and Vue.JS 

Back end: Ruby, C, C++, Rust, Node.JS, Go, COBOL, and .NET

Mobile: Android, React Native, and iOS

Clouds: AWS, GCP, SAP, Salesforce, and Azure

Innowise has a well-defined staff augmentation process, workflows, and processes, making it a reliable outsourcing vendor. Depending on your requests, the company analyses your project needs and offers the highest quality of service along with quick delivery. 

The Codest

The Codest is a software development staff augmentation company that offers top-notch IT services. It has a diverse talent pool that helps you execute your ideas into great projects with unparalleled expertise. 

This top staff augmentation company offers frontend development, backend development, data engineers, QA engineers, and miscellaneous services. Here’s a quick view of areas of expertise: 

Frontend development: Responsive design, cross-platform development, API integration, PWA, microservices, server-side rendering, and CI/CD.

Backend development: API development and integration, security and compliance, data modeling, database management.

Data engineers: Pipeline automation, ETL processes, data transformation, data storage and management, and distributed systems.

QA engineers: Different types of testing – functional, integration, UI, security, accessibility, compatibility testing, and regression testing.

Seasia Infotech 

Seasia Infotech is a CMMI level 5 company offering IT outsourcing and staff augmentation services with a focus on innovation. It performs a feasibility analysis when taking up a project to provide the right kind of support, guidance, and talent to the clients. The company works with startups as well as Fortune 500 brands, helping them develop agile and scalable teams to build high-quality products and applications. 

Seasia emphasizes IP rights protection and data security. It also makes space for seamless and smooth collaboration between the existing employees and dedicated staff augmentations teams. The company offers on-demand IT outsourcing services for consulting, software development, UI/UX design, cloud management, testing and QA, maintenance, etc. It helps businesses reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. 


Trusted by 100+ companies worldwide, Index is one of the most popular staff augmentation companies. It offers a quick and vetted way to hire augmented team members for developing engineering solutions across various industries such as finance, logistics, gaming, eCommerce, technology, and travel. 

Index offers a global platform of experienced engineers that helps companies to scale their engineering teams. They offer work without limits which implies they provide freelancers, distributed teams, and remote employees. The company shares a list of vetted resources with the hiring company following which interviews are conducted for the ideal candidates. It offers an engagement of 3 months trial for the developer that you have hired. 

Gecko Dynamics 

Gecko Dynamics is a full-service development provider of mobile and web applications, SaaS products, and custom applications. This staff augmentation company helps other companies by leasing their development teams to accelerate product development. 

Gecko Dynamics has a pool of experienced developers with a proven track record of designing visually appealing UX and UI for improved product navigation. They use advanced technologies customized to your product’s needs for backend and frontend development. Also, you can avail of project support and maintenance to keep your project running smoothly. 

Tools and technology: Java, AWS, Angular, React, Vue.JS, .Net, Spring, Laravel, PHP, Python, Node.js, Azure, Hibernate, and Swift

Gecko Dynamics holds a strong reputation among the staff augmentation companies in the UK. It offers staff augmentation and agile teams to help you accelerate your projects. Hiring a dedicated agile team allows businesses to focus on their core business tasks and delegate the project completion to external staff.


Urolime is a DevOps consulting company based in the UK that offers services to implement DevOps practices, cloud migrations, AWS, Azure, and GCP. It offers the best team augmentation members that help companies to fulfill their development goals.  The process includes assessment of the project, resource allocation, starting the project, and sharing updates periodically until the project is completed. You can hire experts from Urolime for web app development, mobile app development, and startup needs. 

Web app development: PHP, Mean, Mern, and Python

Mobile app development: Android, iOS, react native, and Flutter apps

DevOps: Help you to implement DevOps in workflows and streamline end-to-end delivery process through automation. 

Startups: Deliver a minimum viable product to get insights into the product and market it works in.  

Staff Augmentation vs Hiring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staff augmentation company?

A staff augmentation company is a third party that offers contractual employees to execute short-term roles and complete projects in a company.  Organisations maintain complete control over the team and invest in the hired resources for a specific time period. 

What is an example of staff augmentation?

Suppose you run a website development agency and have a higher number of projects than anticipated. You can hire additional developers on a temporary basis to accomplish the increased workload and let them go when you have completed your work. 

What is the rate for staff augmentation?

In the UK, the cost of staff augmentation services depends on variables such as project duration, skill set, and location. For instance, software developers charge between £20 to £40 per hour while digital marketing specialists may charge between £40 and £75 per hour. 

How do I choose staff augmentation services?

Choosing the right augmentation services ensures your organisation gets access to the top talent. Some important considerations include:   

  • Assess the technical expertise of professionals.
  • Check their relevant experience. 
  • Find out if they align with your organisation’s values. 
  • Evaluate data privacy and security policies. 
  • Connect with references and talk to other clients to know more. 
  • Compare pricing models of different vendors to get a competitive cost. 

What are the pitfalls of staff augmentation?

Issues can pop up if there are loopholes in oversight and management. At times there can be knowledge gaps since the temporary members don’t have much extensive knowledge of the project. Therefore, it is critical to sign service-level agreements that define the roles, responsibilities, and expectations clearly.  

Is staff augmentation good? 

Yes, staff augmentation is a good practice for companies that need a short-term workforce to meet deadlines strategically enhancing their productivity and efficiency. 

What is another name for staff augmentation? 

Staff augmentation is also known as team augmentation or staff extension. 

In Conclusion

Businesses are looking forward to connecting with staff augmentation companies as their go-to strategy to outsource their workforce needs. To obtain the best out-of-staff augmentation services, companies must contact reliable companies with robust staff augmentation processes, and strong compliance and security practices to leverage this strategy, execute projects, and achieve important milestones.

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