Implementing a Managed Analytics Framework for an Electronics Manufacturer

Our Client

  • An electronic manufacturer based in UAE, specializing in the production of consumer electronics and high-tech components.
  • Renowned for its innovative product range, the company caters to a diverse consumer base, including major retailers, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across continents.
  • With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality, the client has established itself as a top player in the evolving electronics space.

Problem Statement

Amidst ongoing business expansion, the client faced critical challenges in managing its expanding data ecosystem. Issues like data overload, slow reporting, compliance concerns, and limited scalability needed attention. Addressing these challenges became crucial to enhancing the efficiency of the client’s data infrastructure.
  • Data Fragmentation:

    The client faced difficulty in obtaining a complete overview of their data due to scattered sources and isolated systems, resulting in fragmented data across their system.

  • Manual Reporting:

    Existing manual reporting mechanisms were time-consuming and lacked real-time insights, hindering prompt and informed decision-making processes.

  • Rising Compliance Concerns:

    The electronic manufacturing industry is subject to strict regulations. The client faced challenges in ensuring data governance and compliance with raising industry standards.

  • Limited Scalability:

    As the business expanded, the existing analytics infrastructure faced scalability issues, hindering the ability to handle the increasing amounts of data.

Our Solution

Our team of data analysts along with the client’s internal management addressed these challenges by implementing a comprehensive managed analytics solution, including these key components:

Implementation of a Data Warehouse

  • Assessment: Our team of data engineers conducted a thorough assessment of the existing data landscape to understand the data sources, quality, and integration challenges.

  • Design and Architecture: We designed and implemented a centralized data warehouse, consolidating data from various sources, and ensuring a unified data pipeline.


  • ETL Processes: Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes were deployed to ensure a timely and accurate flow of information into the data warehouse.

  • Scalability: The data warehouse architecture was designed with scalability in mind, accommodating the client’s growing data needs.

Data Governance Framework

  • Policy Development: We collaborated with the client to establish comprehensive data governance policies, outlining data ownership, quality standards, and access controls.


  • Implementation of Compliance Measures: A robust framework was implemented to ensure adherence to industry regulations, with features such as data encryption, audit trails, and role-based access controls within the internal team.

  • Monitoring and Auditing: Active communication channels, a strong feedback loop plus continuous monitoring and auditing mechanisms were put in place to track data usage, identify anomalies, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Business Impact

The deployed managed analytics solutions have brought about significant improvements in critical aspects of the client’s operations.
  • The centralized data warehouse reduced the time to access critical information by 30%, leading to timely and more informed decision-making.
  • Real-time reporting capabilities improved reporting efficiency by 29%, providing stakeholders with timely insights.

  • The implementation of the data governance and compliance framework ensured adherence to industry regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance by 50%.

  • The scalable data architecture allowed the client to handle a 38% increase in data volume without compromising performance, ongoing operational efficiency, and labor.

In conclusion, the implementation of managed analytics services empowered the electronic manufacturing company to unlock the full potential of their data and position the company for future growth and expansion.

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