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A Guide to Outsourcing Power BI Development

Finding an experienced business intelligence developer or Power BI expert can be challenging for many business owners. As a result, most companies outsource business intelligence projects rather than developing them in-house. When you choose to outsource BI projects, you can lower the project development cost while reducing administrative expenses and taxes.

Business owners of every size wonder whether they should hire more Power BI developers or hire an outside firm for business intelligence. Outsourcing BI projects versus in-house development can affect your organization’s efficiency, costs, and workflow. Now the question is Why should you outsource BI projects over hire Power BI developers in-house? 

Keep reading to find out!

BI Outsourcing: How To Make It Work?

The use of outsourcing today is seen as a vital tool that can help organizations become more efficient and successful if used appropriately. Outsourcing, however, has remained a constant in the IT world. 

In the past, The main goal of IT outsourcing was to reduce costs and standardize processes before outsourcing. As a result, the business became profitable.

It is, however, different when it comes to Business Intelligence outsourcing. The aim here is to avoid failures and justify BI investments. 

To deliver results, BI outsourcing companies use a variety of techniques. The process of acquiring and modeling data gets automated by using offshore resources or software. 

It can either get replaced with a highly integrated BI stack or cloud-hosted BI solutions or a combination of these solutions.

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    In-House Team Vs. Outsourcing Power BI Developer

    Outsourcing Power BI project development is typically a more cost-effective option than in-house development because you will get the skills and experience necessary to address your specific, immediate needs.

    An outsourcing firm with a business intelligence developer has experience in solving different problems while building solutions. So that experience makes them more capable of achieving your goals and objectives.

    For example, if you want to conduct a huge holiday sale, you can work with an independent marketing organization to plan an excellent strategy and market the product appropriately to the proper people. It will enable your company to take advantage of its limited sales days. 

    It is best to outsource Power BI projects to companies with years of experience. As stated before, outside Power BI developers have encountered various challenges and can bring insights and practices that your team might not be familiar with. Your project will not only get resolved more quickly but also more effectively with their help.

    An outsourcing company, for example, could advise you on making the most of big data available to you if you hire them to assist with data-driven decision-making. Also, they can provide accurate and comprehensive answers to your questions and concerns about the BI project.

    How To Choose BI Outsourcing Specialists: 

    Here is the list of things you should consider while choosing a BI Outsourcing firm or hiring power BI developers for your business.

    • Business intelligence developers must have various skills. These skills include warehouse design skills, SQL expertise, Python expertise, Java expertise, etc. While looking for outsourcing companies, confirm that they have expertise with various BI tools and technologies. For instance, they must know MS SQL and Redshift for data warehousing. They must understand Tableau, Power BI, Pentaho, Excel, QlikView, QlikSense, Cognos, MicroStrategy, etc.
    • When big-data storage gets involved, BI outsourcing vendors should have extensive knowledge of integrating Big Data with BI. Additionally, they must know tools such as Hadoop, Spark, AWS Kinesis, Hive, Pig, and Kafka.
    • If the model needs predictive analytics, developers should be able to implement Data Science.
    • The data analysts of a business intelligence outsourcing company should be able to convert BI reports into insights that can get used to make better decisions for the business.
    • They must have worked with both on-premises and cloud business intelligence systems (Microsoft and AWS) and should have expertise in the Microsoft BI Stack, including MS SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Tabular models, and Power BI.
    • They should be able to handle various projects of different sizes (from 1 to 40 people). And be able to handle sensitive data in an encrypted manner.
    • Data analysis and business logic are more effective when domain knowledge is present across many industries.
    • The outsourcing firm must have developers certified by Microsoft and other BI vendors.
    • A good BI outsourcing company should be able to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. 

    The DataToBiz team, for instance, provides business intelligence outsourcing and other data-driven services. The platform offers services including Big Data, Data Science (predictive analytics), and Business Intelligence (gathering and presenting information from diverse sources).

    Benefits Of Outsourcing Power BI Development

    Businesses often find it difficult to hire talented business intelligence and Power BI developers.  As a result, most companies outsource business intelligence projects instead of choosing in-house development.

    Following are some of the benefits that most companies leverage when they choose to outsource.

    Increased Expertise

    The main reason companies outsource their business intelligence is to acquire increased expertise. Your company benefits from the expertise and knowledge of an employee when a business intelligence system gets implemented. 

    BI companies, on the other hand, provide you with decades of expertise and experience. Thus, implementations, optimizations, and troubleshooting can get completed more quickly.  The BI services team is made up of experts who have specialized knowledge about BI. 

    In this way, action items and challenges can get accomplished faster and more effectively than with an in-house team.

    Data security

    The benefits of outsourcing business intelligence operations include access to a team that stores and manages important data across multiple platforms, which is a vital aspect of information security. 

    There is a thorough understanding of data regulations and compliance requirements among their staff. Business intelligence is essential for today’s businesses, and outsourcing such a valuable aspect should not be overlooked. 

    Hiring a Business Intelligence Company, like DataToBiz, allows you to concentrate on business development while utilizing BI technology.


    When you outsource software development, you will no longer be responsible for interviewing, recruiting, training, and finding the best match for your projects. 

    In addition, you shouldn’t be concerned about scaling if labor requirements change based on the project.

    Savings In Both Money And Time

    To successfully operate internal BI, your staff must be able to figure out what tools and systems your company needs, as well as regularly learn new skills and tools. 

    The result can be costly for your company and a distraction from more productive tasks. Power BI outsourcing saves you money by eliminating the need for data specialists, software engineers, and project managers.

    You gain access to the best talent by outsourcing Power BI project development over hiring in-house developers. In addition to their proficiency with Power BI, outside developers are more familiar with emerging technologies and trends. 

    As a result of working with an experienced project management team, you can get started sooner. 

    You may also get valuable assistance from them during the process. No matter what you need to change or what concerns you have, they can effectively handle everything for you.

    Power BI Developers: Roles & ResponsibIlity With Required Skills

    An organization’s data-driven decision-making depends on the ability of Power BI developers to convert data into stories that enable data-driven decision-making.

    Required Experience In Data-Specific Roles

    The minimum experience required to become a Power BI developer is 2 or 3 years of working with BI tools. Besides, they should have a solid understanding of database management, SQL queries, data modeling, data warehousing, business intelligence, and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

    Knowledge Of Microsoft BI Stack

    Many large-scale enterprises use Microsoft products and services to manage data, perform analytics, report, and analyze data. It is an added advantage to have in-depth knowledge and experience with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, including Power Pivot, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS.

    Data Analytics

    To be a successful BI developer, you must have this skill. Everyone in the organization must gain a greater understanding of the big picture and be able to communicate insights in layman’s terms. With the help of charts, reports, and dashboards, they can drill down on data and visualize data in the most attractive ways possible.

    Software Development Skills

    It is not necessary to be an expert in software development, but it is necessary to be able to develop a custom BI solution to satisfy diverse needs. When transforming requirements into technical presence, it is necessary to understand both technical aspects and architectures.

    Are Power BI Developers In Demand?

    In the business world, Power BI has quickly become one of the most popular cloud-based tools for data visualization. 

    Furthermore, it is a product from Microsoft, which has already created several successful products that are on top of the market around the world. 

    Due to its cloud-based nature, Power BI has great prospects as businesses move away from on-premise work environments. 

    A large number of industries, including software, retail, and healthcare, require skilled Power BI professionals. Then you can pursue this option if you are still unsure whether or not it is a good career path. 

    It is not just possible to apply for data analyst positions, but also other positions such as: 

    1. Power BI Project Manager
    2. Power BI Developer
    3. SQL Server Power BI Developer
    4. Power BI Semantic Model Developer
    5. Power BI Administrator
    6. Power BI Manager
    7. Power BI Consultant

    In this way, we can conclude that Power BI has a bright future, and those who wish to undertake a career in this area have no problem taking the next step. 

    What Is The Future Scope Of Power BI?

    Organizations in the competitive market already rely heavily on data, and they will remain so for a long time to come. 

    To verify the efficiency of their organizational operations, these organizations will have to analyze their data continuously. Additionally, the data must also get sorted into different categories so that it can be easily retrieved and analyzed by management. 

    With it, you can make essential decisions in your organization, and you can expect a great deal of improvement in your business success thanks to the Power BI analytics reports.

    Hence, there will be an ever-increasing demand for Power BI developers as the role of a Power BI developer is essential for any organization. 

    It is consequently possible to get promising job opportunities in renowned organizations if you have proven expertise in the field and some certifications to prove your abilities. 

    You can start your career off on the right foot and have a fruitful future. You will get a salary increase and a higher level of job responsibility as you gain experience.


    Outsourcing business intelligence services eliminates the need to invest in in-house expenses.   When you hire an in-house developer you have limited access to his knowledge and talent, on the other hand when you outsource BI projects, you can access top-notch talent from outside firms.  

    Additionally, outside BI developers are more knowledgeable about emerging technologies and trends besides their skills. Using a team with extensive experience in handling a project, you can launch the task faster. That team can also help you throughout the process. If you have any concerns or wish to change something, they are capable of handling all your needs efficiently.

    From the above, we can see that it doesn’t take much to improve your BI process with a Power BI Consulting company like DataToBiz. Outsourcing development work is a smart choice because of its endless benefits.

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