6 Top UK Real Estate Analytics Firms Advancing into the Data Age

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6 Top UK Real Estate Analytics Firms Advancing into the Data Age

The real estate sector in the United Kingdom is going through a transformational phase in recent times. Here, we’ll discuss the top real estate analytics consulting firms in UK and their role in promoting technological adoption in the industry.  

The real estate market constantly faces challenges, be it inflation or socioeconomic conditions. According to CBRE, the UK real estate market had been an uphill task as the interest rates hit a fifteen-year high. The asset values declined, making it hard for investors to buy a property and maintain it. With the inflation falling in at the end of 2023, real estate companies in the UK are hopeful. 

Moreover, with the elections scheduled, many investors and brokers feel things will get better in the second half of 2024. The report shows that commercial real estate will be more attractive this year since the yields are likely to stabilise. 

In such conditions, it’s even more crucial for real estate agencies to stay one step ahead of the market changes to provide investors with worthy properties. Competition is also high, with around 146,100 private real estate companies in the UK. These businesses had a yearly turnover of 72.81 GBP in 2023. If the conditions become favorable, the market share will increase by a greater margin. The agency can achieve its goals by investing in real estate business intelligence to derive actionable and real-time property analytics for effective decision-making. 

From identifying potential properties for sale to being the first broker to reach out to clients, real estate analytics services can help you streamline and accelerate your goals. Let’s find out more about consulting firms offering real estate analytics in the UK. 

What is a Real Estate Consulting Firm?

A real estate consulting firm offers managed analytics for real estate agencies and brokers. The consulting firms have diverse responsibilities and help with digital transformation, data governance, data warehousing and engineering, business intelligence, etc., to unlock the power of real estate data. The service providers provide the necessary know-how, technology, tools, and expertise for strategic planning, implementation, and maintenance of data analytical tools. 

The primary purpose of a real estate analytics firm is to promote data-driven decision-making in real estate agencies, business owners, and investors. Conducting market surveys, identifying patterns and trends, managing portfolios, lease advisory, due diligence, etc., are some services offered by these firms. In short, partnering with a real estate analytics consulting company is the best way to digitise the business and gain a competitive edge. 

Top Real Estate Analytics Consulting Firms in UK 


DataToBiz is among the top real estate analytics consulting firms in the UK, offering end-to-end services to residential and commercial agencies, brokers, and corporate companies in the industry. It provides managed data warehousing for property development solutions to stay updated about the properties in the regions the business operates. The company uses business intelligence tools like Power BI to build customised dashboards for property management, investor analysis, market forecasting, etc. 

DataToBiz also builds tailor-made apps for property portfolio analytics. It enables real estate agencies to effectively use the right BI solutions for property investment and decision-making. The company is a certified partner of Microsoft, Google, and AWS. It follows a client-centric model to accelerate success and help clients achieve their goals. It has worked with over 300 firms from various markets and has more than 97% project satisfaction rate. DataToBiz combines technology, domain experience, and local expertise to empower real estate companies to build sustainable businesses and proactively handle market volatility. 


Deloitte is a popular multinational company with a presence in many countries. Deloitte Real Estate combines property services with financial reporting and business advisory solutions to provide complete support to real estate agencies and corporate companies. It uses years of expertise to build and implement property financial reporting using BI tools and derive real-time construction project analytics. It helps address the various challenges faced when handling high-capital projects. The company also has a team to specifically handle real estate and tax concerns for private individuals/ residential clients.  

Deloitte gives importance to sustainability and climate concerns. It uses generative AI design to enhance urban development and planning without adversely affecting nature. As a real estate market intelligence service provider, the company understands the importance of data and its role in helping agencies, brokers, and investors make the right decision in a quick time. Deloitte has a solution called Real Estate Climate Value at Risk (RECVR) in partnership with Longevity to enable decision-making based on climate-risk information. This is a great tool for corporate businesses to choose commercial property. 


KPMG has completed over 150 years in the UK and is a well-known company offering auditing and tax services for businesses from various industries, including real estate. It provides customised services to effectively manage tax, assurance, and deal advisory, along with ESG (environment, sustainability, and governance) solutions. The company handles global asset management analytics for real estate agencies and corporate businesses with offices around the world. It supports businesses in adopting the latest technology to grab market opportunities and attract more clients. 

KPMG also provides consulting services for strategic formation and technology implementation in the industry. It assists businesses manage risks and challenges like taxation, regulation, sociopolitical influences, etc., to minimise losses. The company’s real estate BI solutions are aimed at providing the much-required foundation for agencies and businesses to navigate the changing market landscape and uncertainties. KPMG has been contributing to support Britain and its businesses to promote faster growth and development. 

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a global consultancy with a presence in 65 cities across 40 countries. The company offers tailored and integrated experiences to businesses to help them achieve better and quicker outcomes. It has a platinum rating from EcoVadis and is among the top 1% of companies that focus on high environmental, social, and ethical performance. The company has worked on over 580 service cases in the real estate industry by offering property data insights, building the necessary tools, and providing due diligence based on the client’s requirements. 

Bain & Company works with agencies, property owners, REITs, and others to assist them in handling various requirements and challenges. It provides several services, such as data governance in property analytics, cost transformation, corporate strategy, customer experience, and more. The company helps corporate establishments rethink their office space designs to maximise opportunities. For example, Vantage℠ is a location intelligence solution that offers advanced analytics in a user-friendly format to help organisations make effective and data-driven decisions for site selection. 

McKinsey & Company 

McKinsey & Company is a global service provider with a strong presence in the UK. It promotes sustainable and inclusive growth by being a reliable external advisor to clients from diverse industries. The company uses proprietary technology and local expertise to provide real estate businesses with custom solutions to revamp their services and offerings. With offices in over 140 locations across the globe, the company’s experienced consultants handle complex challenges and help clients achieve their goals. 

McKinsey’s Real Estate Practice assists real estate managers, investors, property owners, etc., to help them embrace disruptions and prioritise innovation. It provides real estate data integration solutions, and organisational health index for corporate businesses, and has a Real Estate Climate Action Platform that offers a suite of advanced analytics to help businesses translate climate risk and decarbonisation modeling into actionable and property-specific roadmaps. 

Evelyn Partners

Evelyn is a leading wealth management and professional services group in the UK. With over 187 years of experience, the company believes in supporting clients to make the right decisions. It offers a range of services, such as financial planning and investment, specialist accountancy, tax, assurance, advisory, online investment management, and many more, to individuals, businesses, owners, and corporate companies. The company offers end-to-end services at all stages of the property lifecycle and also works with businesses from complementary industries like construction. 

Evelyn takes care of residential real estate analytics, business lifecycle management, transaction support, due diligence, and compliance aspects like taxation, VAT, CIS returns, partnerships, etc., It also has entrepreneur programs to help clients with networking and growth opportunities. The company has worked with hundreds of real estate and construction businesses by providing bespoke services and the necessary support to promote faster growth. 


Real estate analytics consulting firms have a vital role in revamping the industry to help businesses adopt the latest technology and streamline processes. Analytics are useful at every stage, be it site selection, Power BI dashboards, or real estate CRM analytics to understand investor’s requirements. 

Property owners, investors, real estate companies, brokers, and commercial establishments should partner with analytics service providers to stay up to date about the changing trends, use their business data for decision-making, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Talk to us to learn how data and analytics can redefine real estate. 

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