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Why Do You Need Business Intelligence Consulting – Achieve Unmatched Insights and Growth

With the massive amount of data being generated across organizations, its effective management and processing are no longer a choice for businesses of all sizes. Business intelligence consulting is an effective way for creating a robust strategy for data management.

A massive 97% of data being generated by the organizations stay unused and around 74% of employees feel unhappy or overwhelmed when working with data. While both these statistics point out the grave problems that need efficient handling for business success, it is equally important to realize that it is mainly because of poor business intelligence frameworks and a lack of structured data management.

As business intelligence helps generate actionable data-driven insights, companies need it to drive new changes and achieve sustainable growth.

Here is all you need to know about business intelligence consulting:

What is Business Intelligence Consulting?

Business intelligence consulting is all about helping a business put in place various frameworks and processes to achieve better data management and processing. For any business trying to harness the power of business intelligence, it is important to opt for a business intelligence consultant that can understand the requirements and suggest solutions that will push data transformation in an organization. By opting for a BI consultancy, a business has a better chance to complete the data transformation faster.

Business intelligence consultants are specialized professionals that help businesses set the foundation for their business intelligence journey of an organization. At the same time, they help examine the organizational data to improve overall decision-making in the business and optimize business processes. As an organization gets clarity on the best practices in the industry, processing and delivering business intelligence solutions can be done seamlessly.

With an increasing number of businesses trying to achieve data-driven decision-making, business intelligence and consulting is becoming a critical aspect of business growth. 

Why Should You Consider BI Consulting Services?

If you are looking at setting up a business intelligence function in your business, it is good to have a reliable BI consulting partner. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider BI consulting services for your business:


A good BI consultant brings along expertise and objectivity to the table that helps to evaluate the specific needs of the business. With the right knowledge of the ecosystem and the industry, the business intelligence consulting firm can help you with the best BI platform as per the needs of the business.

Streamlined Approach

The right BI consultant can help you with a streamlined approach to integrating a BI system into the business. The structured approach helps provide the right training to your team for the use of the selected BI tools.

Better Visibility

By opting for business intelligence consulting services, a business can get better visibility into various business functions. At the same time, better visibility helps with optimization, the right method for measuring key performance indicators, and identifying new business opportunities for growth.

Value Addition

With a business intelligence consulting firm in place, a business is better equipped to ascertain the potential value addition. With the right design and implementation of the pilot project, an organization can measure the success and return on investment in a better manner.

Strategic Thinking

By opting for a BI consulting firm, a business has a better chance of setting the right direction for growth. Strategic thinking can help you understand the best course forward for business after considering the ecosystem and business.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Consulting

BI consulting helps a business in a variety of ways. Here are the key benefits:

Identification of KPIs for Business Reporting

BI consulting companies help take out the hit-and-trial period from the business intelligence strategy. As a BI consulting firm comes with experience and expertise, it becomes easier to identify relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for various business departments. It can be related to finance, operation, sales, etc.

As the initial phase of data transformation can be overwhelming for any business, the presence of a business intelligence consulting company can make way for faster insight generation and its deployment in business. With an experienced BI consulting firm on your side, the business is better equipped to opt for the right software and tools that allow for experimentation with variables for a better understanding of processing and metrics.

Helps Stay Ahead of Time

The presence of a BI consulting company is critical to ensure that the business stays ahead of time and gauges all changes in KPIs that may impact profitability. As the business intelligence function has data from various sources that are processed and used comprehensively to generate actionable insights, it is possible to have a bird’s eye view of the big picture of the business with an experienced partner. Critical insights about important business areas like employee performance, profitability, revenue performance and return on investment, etc. can be obtained with business intelligence consulting solutions.

Keeps a Check on the Competition

The use of BI intelligence consulting is not only limited to checking the performance of the business, it is also useful to keep a check on the competition. Apart from the fact that the use of business intelligence consulting can create a competitive edge for the business, it is equally impactful in the assessment of the competition on various parameters.

The presence of a professional BI consulting firm helps you identify the relevant tools and mechanisms to use data related to the competition for business growth. It is critical for a business to select a good business intelligence consulting firm to help a business evaluate the competition and prepare its future strategy accordingly.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Business intelligence can work in a variety of areas including finance, sales, marketing, logistics etc. It can also play a critical role in tracking consumer behavior and purchase patterns. It can be about the products consumers are buying, which products are performing better than others, factors that are triggering sales, what is the after-sales experience like, etc.

With such key information, a business can make relevant changes to improve the level of customer satisfaction. BI consulting can bring unprecedented results in customer satisfaction scores by offering the right product or service at the right time.

Improved Profitability

A professional BI consulting company not only brings in expertise and experience but also plays an integral role in improving the level of profitability for a business. The streamlined approach that impacts the KPIs and data processes also brings positive results for the revenue and profitability of a business.

How To Select the Right Business Intelligence Consulting Partner?

A business needs to select the right partner for BI consulting to take maximum advantage of its capabilities. Here are some of the things that you should consider when selecting a business intelligence consulting partner to arrive at the right choice:


The level of experience and kind of projects that the prospective BI consulting partner has executed should be considered when scouting for the right partner. More than the level of research and theoretical knowledge, the focus should be on adjudging them on the case studies and the results achieved for various clients.


Rather than looking for a large-scale business intelligence consulting firm, it is better to look for a specialized firm that can bring in the required expertise to bring meaningful changes. A specialized business intelligence consultancy firm will offer relevant experience and case studies in your industry to get started with the data transformation journey.


The use of business intelligence requires the use of efficient tools and platforms. It is critical to check the partnerships that a business intelligence consulting has. For instance, the BI partner should have experience and tie-ups with some of the popular platforms like Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Domo, etc.


Most BI consulting firms have a set structure and pathway for starting, operating and closing a project. It is good to have a clear understanding of the technical skills and business skills of the BI consultant being considered.


Most reputed business intelligence companies would be able to share some references from their previous projects. It is good to have a reliable institution as a partner for business intelligence consulting services. As a result, do check the references provided and the quality of work provided by the prospective partners.

Responsibilities of Business Intelligence Consulting Firm

BI consulting firms are mainly engaged in efficiently collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data in an organization. These firms are trained to work closely with other businesses to identify their requirements and craft a solution that can meet their needs.

For instance, if the business is just getting started with its BI journey, the BI consulting firm would look at identifying the best solutions as per the business needs. On the other hand, if the business already has some experience with BI tools, the work would mainly involve looking at the current structures and identifying the potential event that helps with data-driven decision-making in business.


Every business needs to integrate business intelligence to harness the capabilities of data being generated and improve decision-making. At the same time, it is equally critical to identify the right business intelligence consulting partner which in turn gets the right BI tools and platforms as per company needs. Investing in a high-quality business intelligence firm can help you open up a wide range of services to handle issues, queries, and challenges that various stakeholders may face. With a wide range of experience and a strong portfolio, the presence of a business intelligence consulting firm can help uncover new challenges and offer meaningful solutions for business growth.

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