10 Best Power BI Consulting Providers In 2024: Find Your Right Consulting Partner

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10 Best Power BI Consulting Providers In 2024: Find Your Right Consulting Partner

Implementing Power BI requires technical expertise to complete the integrations and customize the dashboards for each department. We’ll discuss the top Power BI Consulting Providers that offer consulting services on a global level. 

Business intelligence is the process of using strategies and technologies to analyze data and derive actionable insights. It is a broad term that encompasses data collection, cleaning, formatting, analyzing, and visualization. The derived insights are presented to the end user in a graphical report. The report is used to make better decisions based on data rather than guesswork. 

Statistics show that self-servicing BI is vital for 60% of R&D requirements in an organization. Data visualization, data quality management, and self-service BI are the top three business intelligence trends in the market. The global BI market is estimated to touch $33.3 billion by 2025

With more businesses adopting BI and decision intelligence, it has become important to choose the right consulting partner to set up the tools and streamline analytics. But which tool and service provider to choose for your organization?

Microsoft Power BI is among the top business intelligence tools in the international market. Power BI is a user-friendly interface that converts raw data into actionable insights and provides data visualizations in real-time. Many industries use Power BI in different verticals to make data-driven decisions. Microsoft Power BI consultants are in high demand as enterprises find it easy to hire an expert to implement the tool and integrate it with their existing systems. 

Power BI is available in three versions-

  • Power BI Desktop
    Free application used to connect, transform, and visualize data 
  • Power BI Service
    The main application used by organizations for data analytics, visualization, and collaboration. 
  • Power BI Report Server
    A web application used to monitor and track KPIs. It can create mobile reports too.

Organizations use Power BI service to streamline data flow. Power BI experts understand the business processes and customize the dashboards for different departments. The list is curated and compiled keeping into account the services offered, operations, and critical industries.

Let’s look at the top Power BI consulting firms that cater to businesses from various niches and offer customized services. 

Best Power BI Consulting Providers

1. DataToBiz 

DataToBiz is a data analytics and business intelligence service provider based in India. The company offers tailor-made Microsoft Power BI consulting services to SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. It has clients from several industries, such as manufacturing, information technology, banking and finance, transportation, security & surveillance, eCommerce, logistics, telecommunication, EdTech, hospitality, travel, healthcare, and more. 

It provides additional services like: 

DataToBiz works with organizations from different parts of the world, like the US, the Middle East, the UK, and Australia. The company’s data strategy and Power BI services in the UK are aimed to interconnect data and derive insights in real-time using embedded analytics. It has partnered with businesses in Australia to provide scalable and flexible data strategy consulting services to increase the efficiency of HR, R&D, finance, sales, and marketing departments. 

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2. PixelCrayons 

PixelCrayons is a Power BI consulting company with clients from countries different continents. The company has ISO 9001:2008 certification and provides data engineering services to a range of businesses. It is an Indian SaaS company that offers digital transformation, software engineering, and staff augmentation services to global enterprises. 

It deals with: 

  • Full-stack development (mobile and web)
  • Blockchain 
  • Internet of Things 
  • AR and VR 
  • Maintenance and Migration, etc. 

Banking, logistics, IT, healthcare, eCommerce, travel, retail, and eLearning are some industries the company works with. PixelCrayons has more than 500 employees, including Power BI consultants. It was founded in 2008 and is among the well-known outsourcing companies in the market. 

3. Binary Republik 

Binary Republik is an enterprise content management company that offers Power BI development services, along with the expertise to implement SharePoint, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. The company specializes in providing industry-best Microsoft services to manage data storage and flow within the enterprise. It has built its services around Microsoft’s offerings to help businesses integrate and customize the tools to suit their requirements. 

The company provides other services, such as: 

  • Application development 
  • Content management systems 
  • Business intelligence 
  • SharePoint migrations, etc. 

Binary Republik is known for working with a plethora of data sources. It creates an interactive Power BI setup for the clients to help them use data analytics and visualizations for decision-making. The company implements Power BI integration based on end-users (employees’) needs. It has clients from different industries like healthcare, agriculture, finance, pharma, manufacturing, logistics, nonprofit, and more. 

4. ValueCoders 

ValueCoders offers software development, machine learning, and Power BI consulting services to businesses from around the globe. The company has more than 650 employees working on various projects. It is an IT outsourcing company with ISO 9001: 2015 and CMMI Level 3 certification. The teams work with SMEs, startups, and enterprises to provide a range of IT services. 

The company deals with: 

  • Digital transformation 
  • Custom software development 
  • AR/ VR 
  • Blockchain 
  • Internet of Things, etc. 

ValueCoders provides BI consultants on hire for the short term and long term. It has experience in several industries like healthcare, eCommerce, automotive, FinTech, education, logistics, media, etc. This Indian company has worked with businesses from 38+ countries, some of which belong to the Fortune 500 list. 

5. Netguru 

Netguru is one of the fastest-growing digital consulting companies in the EU. It offers custom Power BI implementation services and builds digital products that help organizations gain a competitive edge in the global market. FinTech, retail, education, and healthcare are the main industries the company works with. 

It provides the following services: 

  • Product design and development 
  • Web and mobile development 
  • Machine learning 
  • Project management and support, etc. 

From ideation to evaluation, development, and management, Netguru promises end-to-end services to all its clients. The company aims to help businesses build new software that would help them achieve their goals using cutting-edge technologies. It is a certified B Corporation company that believes in inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability. 

6. Phocas Software 

Phocas Software is a self-funded team of professionals who offer business planning and analytical services to a variety of organizations. It provides Microsoft Power BI consulting services to midmarket and enterprise customers from industries, like manufacturing, automotive, industrial, retail and wholesale, etc. 

It offers: 

  • Business planning 
  • Budgeting and Sales Analytics 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Reporting dashboard customization, etc. 

Customized BI analytics and reporting are the primary services offered by Phocas Software. The company guarantees a 300% increase in reporting speed and a 40% decrease in administration costs. It helps manage data by simplifying the ERP systems and creating data visualizations to help managers easily understand the reports. The award-winning company is B Corporation certified and has an overall score of 82.4. 

7. Ammaiya 

Ammaiya is a Power BI consulting firm that offers web development, digital marketing, CRM, and data management services. From custom development to third-party integrations, data analytics, and much more, the company deals with a range of services to manage and streamline business processes for better results. 

The company is known for providing the following services: 

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Graphics and photo editing 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Web and app development 
  • eCommerce 
  • Data entry, analytics, and processing 

The company uses Microsoft Power BI to create custom data visualizations based on clients’ requirements. The visuals presented in real-time help businesses make better decisions. Ammaiya has clients from different continents and provides round-the-clock services to assist organizations to make the most of data and deriving accurate insights. 

8. Datapine 

Datapine offers data analytics through technical innovation. The company has a strong team of data scientists, developers, and Microsoft Power BI consultants who work to help businesses understand and learn from data. It deals with organizations of all sizes, including IT and non-IT industries. It has more than 150 clients from several industries and offers custom data analytical services. 

The company also provides services for: 

  • Strategic BI consulting 
  • ETL as a Service 
  • POC Dashboards  
  • Online data visualization  

Datapine has created a process that speeds up the Power BI adoption rate within an enterprise. It provides a full-featured solution to assist businesses to make the most of business intelligence and reap the benefits of following the company’s best KPI practices. It minimizes risk and maximizes ROI through the strategic adoption of a data-driven model for decision-making. 

9. N-iX

N-iX is among the Eastern European Power BI companies that offer software development and consulting services to clients from around the world. It is one of the top 100 global outsourcing companies and works with businesses listed in the Fortune 500 leaders. The company deals with medium and large-scale enterprises from industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, FinTech, etc. 

It also offers services for: 

  • Cloud computing 
  • Data Analytics 
  • AL and ML 
  • Software testing and QA
  • Digital transformation 
  • Embedded software, etc. 

N-iX has offices in Poland, Ukraine, the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria, Malta (HQ), etc. The company offers flexible services and emphasizes innovation and growth. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has won awards for providing quality services in the industry. It has 2000+ professionals and two decades of experience. 

10. QBurst 

QBurst is a product development and consulting company that offers a range of services like Power BI consultancy, data science, data management, AI, SaaS, digitalization, marketing, and more. Seamless customization of software and technologies is the highlight of the company. It caters to businesses of all sizes and provides Microservices and enterprise eCommerce. 

The company provides: 

  • AI-based system calibration 
  • Fault diagnosis in real-time 
  • Blockchain 
  • Extended reality 
  • Cloud consulting and migration
  • DevOps 
  • Cybersecurity, etc. 

QBurst works with clients from automotive, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, financial services and insurance, renewables, etc. The company provides end-to-end solutions and is a Power BI partner for several business organizations from different countries. It has a presence in 17 locations with more than 150 active clients. 


Microsoft Power BI is a wonderful tool that presents data analytics in an easy-to-understand format and takes real-time insights directly to employees at various levels in the enterprise. It boosts ROI while optimizing the investment. 

Power BI consulting service providers have years of using the tool to help business organizations derive accurate insights from data and speed up the digital transformation of the enterprise. Invest in Power BI to get long-term returns and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

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