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Why Do You Need an AI Developer for Your Business?

Artificial intelligence can change a business in many ways. With more and more organizations investing in AI technology, it is vital to hire an experienced AI developer to handle the task from start to finish. We’ll discuss the need for artificial intelligence in enterprises and the role of an AI engineer in the same.

Robotics, chatbots, virtual voice assistants, automation, algorithms, etc., are hot keywords in recent times. What is common here is the use of artificial intelligence technology to digitally transform a business. Many small, medium and large enterprises are adopting artificial intelligence in various verticals within their business.  

Statistics show that the global AI market will touch $60 billion by 2025. Accenture’s study report (from 12 developed countries) shows that using AI can double economic growth and increase productivity by 40%. Close to 85% of businesses feel that using artificial intelligence will give them an edge over competitors. 

In such instances, it has become a necessity for business organizations to adopt AI and go for full-scale digital transformation. Artificial intelligence solutions allow automation and customization of systems to streamline processes and increase profits for a business. But how does a business integrate AI technology with its existing systems? How should an enterprise invest in artificial intelligence to get the desired results? 

You hire an AI developer to provide end-to-end services and make the necessary changes in your enterprise. Many artificial intelligence companies offer offshore AI development services for businesses from different industries. This allows you to use an expert team to build an artificial intelligence system (or customize an existing one) for your business needs. 

Neither hiring nor training is required. The AI engineer comes with experience, does the job, and hands over the systems to you. The offshore company will also train your employees to use AI tools for day-to-day work. Continue reading to know more about why AI is crucial for your business and how hiring an AI developer can take your business to new heights.  

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A simple definition of artificial intelligence is a technology to prepare a system or machine that can mimic human intelligence to complete tasks that are usually performed by humans. Artificial intelligence focuses on processes and abilities rather than a function. 

Machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks, etc., come under the umbrella term artificial intelligence. Data science is a separate field that goes hand in hand with AI to build a data-driven model in an enterprise.

Artificial intelligence is a separate domain in the IT industry. IT professionals who learn AI technology and work with it are called AI developers or engineers. It includes building an artificial intelligence model from scratch, customizing existing models/ software, feeding quality data to the systems, and training the algorithms to deliver accurate insights. AI developers should be proficient in mathematics, statistics, and algorithms. 

Though you can train the existing talent in your enterprise to work with AI technology, hiring an AI engineer will be an effective choice in many ways. 

Why Do You Need an AI Developer for Your Business?

Each enterprise has a different idea about artificial intelligence and ways to adopt it within the business. However, there are some basic aspects you need to consider before deciding whether you want an in-house team or an offshore AI engineer. 

Why hire AI developers

Qualification and Experience 

AI developers need to have domain-specific skills and qualifications to build AI software/apps for your business. With an increasing demand for artificial intelligence engineers and developers, many students and professionals are joining AI courses. But can you reach out to the right talent to recruit for your organization? 

Many businesses start by hiring offshore AI experts because of easy access to talent and experience. Recruiting campaigns don’t need to be expensive and time-consuming. There’s no need to train the new candidates to work with the existing systems.  

AI service provider companies already work with different organizations from various industries. One look at the project portfolio will give you an idea about the range of projects completed by the AI developer. They are already trained and ready for the job. Moreover, their experience in working with different businesses will help in identifying the right tools for your establishment. 

Support Services 

When you hire offshore AI developers from a company, you get end-to-end services from them. The company will handle everything from planning to maintenance. The AI developer will regularly monitor the systems, iron out the glitches, and make the necessary updates to keep the software ready at all times. 

The developer will ensure that there is no downtime (or is at its lowest) so that your business operations will not be affected due to errors in the software or integrations. They will streamline all integrations to create a path for proper data flow within your business. 

Remote Collaborations 

You don’t need to have an in-house team working in the office when the AI developer can collaborate remotely with your employees. Offshore AI services are all about remote collaborations, irrespective of the differences in time zones. It reduces operational and travel costs. Furthermore, you can hire more than one AI engineer to build/ customize an AI tool for your business. A talented team will be allotted to work on your project once you sign an agreement with the AI service company. 

The other advantage of remote teams is that you can hire the best team from anywhere in the world. Geographical restrictions will not limit your search for an AI engineer. There won’t be candidates who can’t join your organization because they live in another country/ region.  


No matter you are a startup or a more established business, working costs and revenue expenditure are vital factors that affect your finances in the short and long term. In 2018, Gartner estimated that 85% of AI projects are likely to fail by 2022. This is because organizations began adopting AI without proper planning or strategy. 

Having unclear objectives, investing too much money in a single AI project, and wanting to build everything from scratch seem to be the biggest roadblocks to AI’s success. An effective way to increase the success rate is by knowing how to digitally transform the organization and adopt AI tools. That’s where AI service providers enter the scene. They use their expertise to guide the business in making the right decisions. 

From defining and understanding business objectives to create a project plan and implementing it, the AI developers’ team will take care of everything. It saves money for your enterprise and increases the chances of successfully adopting AI for day-to-day work. 

Hire an AI developer now and make better business decisions

Applications of Artificial Intelligence 

In what ways can artificial intelligence help your business? Why do you need AI tools to improve your business processes? Read on to find out. 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence


The biggest advantage of using artificial intelligence tools is to automate recurring processes in a business. Be it manufacturing, accounting, recruiting, sales, or customer service, automation saves time, money, and effort. You can use existing AI-based automation software and customize it to suit your business requirements. Data analytics can also be automated once you set the KPIs and align them with your long-term goals. 

Sales Forecasting 

Artificial intelligence is widely used in the sales and marketing departments. Sales and demand forecasting doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. Automating the process using artificial intelligence will give you real-time actionable insights based on historical and near-real-time data collected from several internal and external sources. From identifying potential leads to closing the lead with a higher success rate, AI can boost your sales efforts and increase returns. 

Customer Service 

Artificial intelligence has been a part of customer service for a while now. The automated responses customers receive from chatbots are due to AI. Automating ticket management will save time and speed up the ticket resolution process. This will keep the customers happy as their complaints will be resolved in less time. The intent of using AI in customer service is to enhance customer experience and reduce the pressure on the support team. 

Marketing Automation 

From improving user experience with the business to increasing the conversion rate and optimizing the website for search engines, many digital marketing strategies can be automated to reduce the workload on employees. Machine learning algorithms can find a better list of relevant keywords for SEO, while AI-based tools can analyze your competitor’s sites to collect analytics. 

Computer Vision Image Recognition 

This field of computer vision deals with images, videos, and visual media. The content is analyzed using computer vision to derive patterns, trends, and other information useful for the business. CV is used in hospitals for disease detection. It is also used in retail, travel, and other industries to identify customers, purchase/ travel trends, and increase the security of the place. CV processes images from CCTV camera recordings to help businesses identify possible security lapses. 


There’s a lot of recurring work in accounting. Updating the payment/ income sheets, managing payroll, correcting codes, etc., can be automated using artificial intelligence. You can invest in cloud-based semi-automated payroll software to build an advanced compensation system in your organization. 

Recruitment and HR 

Human resource teams can use artificial intelligence to streamline and speed up recruitment. Automated solutions such as HireLakeAI software will filter the resumes and shortlist potential candidates. AI tools can also help with interviews, selection, and employee training. 

In fact, artificial intelligence in HR can bridge the gap between employees, HR teams, and management. AI software can be used to identify hiring and employee turnover patterns to make changes to the recruitment process or to improve the work environment and make policy decisions. 

EdTech and Training 

Education technology is the in-thing in today’s market. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in creating a stress-free environment for students and teachers. AI helps automate tasks like curriculum development, question paper creation, student assessment, building an inclusive classroom, and so on. 

For example, PrepAI is an AI-based question-generator platform used by teachers, trainees, educators, parents, and students alike. Artificial intelligence is reducing the load on teachers while improving the quality of learning. 

Supply Chain and Logistics 

Artificial intelligence can be used for logistics and supply chain management. Apart from automating inventory updates, AI can maintain the data flow between the systems and streamline the movement of inventory from the warehouse to the distributor or end-user. 

AI is also used in transportation to identify the routes with lesser traffic and map the best route to take the shipment to the destination. Artificial intelligence in the supply chain increases flexibility, transparency, and ease of distribution. 


Artificial intelligence has revolutionized various industries by introducing software applications to increase efficiency. SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises need to invest in artificial intelligence to stay relevant in the global competitive market. 

Hire an expert AI developer to work with your business and build a data-driven model for better decision-making. Let artificial intelligence give you an edge over competitors and boost returns. 

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